The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 4 trailer features return of trivia, friends’ falling-out

katie cooley during the challenge all stars 2 episode 4
Former Road Rules star Katie Cooley in The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

Viewers get to see the return of TJ Lavin’s all-time favorite daily challenge when The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 4 arrives on Paramount Plus.

In addition, two former castmates who are still friends appear to have a falling-out on the way for the next installment in the spinoff series.

A preview trailer for the episode shows that Katie Cooley will have a bit of drama going on once again in her return to The Challenge.

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TJ’s trivia returns in All Stars 2

The first several challenges in All Stars had competitors working in pairs or teams. The fourth episode of The Challenge: All Stars 2 looks like it will have the competitors on their own.

They’ll be high above the ground on harnesses, standing on the edge of a platform. Host TJ Lavin informs them if they answer questions incorrectly, he’ll get to press a button, launching them off the side, to his delight.

Visuals show apprehensive contestants, including Katie Cooley, who made it no secret in her return to All Stars that she still has a serious fear of heights. The footage also reveals several OGs getting launched, which will bring plenty of laughter from The Challenge host.

The first season of All Stars featured TJ’s trivia as he tested the OGs on their knowledge of Challenge history. That particular daily challenge took place on a platform above the water. Every time a cast member answered incorrectly, they moved forward a spot to thinner boards beneath their feet until they fell through to the water below.

Aneesa Ferreira and Nehemiah Clark ended up as the winners of that first season’s edition of the game, but only Nehemiah is back for All Stars 2. Can he repeat as a trivia champion? Which woman will get the win to ensure safety from elimination?

Katie has falling-out with OG castmate?

Another reveal from the All Stars 2, Episode 4 trailer features Katie Cooley and Steve Meinke. Katie is taking Steve to task for something, but the brief trailer footage doesn’t reveal what that is.

“I’m not sure why Steve’s acting like he did me some kind of favor. I’m baffled why he would even do me dirty like that,” Katie’s voice says, seeming to be part of a confessional.

She’s shown confronting Steve about whatever he did. It most likely relates to the elimination situation with nominees and voting.

“Use your brain,” Katie tells Steve before turning away as the trailer footage ends.

The two castmates originally appeared together on MTV’s Road Rules: The Quest in 2001. Their castmates also included Sophia Pasquis, who recently got eliminated in All Stars 2, Episode 3.

In the first season of the All Stars spinoff, viewers saw Katie and her friend Trishelle Canatella get into it with a verbal altercation that woke up their castmates in the house. It seemed to break up their friendship, as they said they were no longer talking after filming for the show ended.

Hopefully, Katie and Steve’s friendship won’t suffer a similar fate. Viewers will find out what Steve did that irritated Katie and the fallout when Episode 4 arrives on Thursday, December 2.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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