The Challenge spoilers: Global tournament featured epic elimination rematch, interesting team change

the challenge host tj lavin at ride or dies the zone elimination event
Host TJ Lavin at an elimination during MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge World Championship officially finished filming in South Africa, more details are arriving about what transpired during the season.

The first-ever world champions were recently crowned, giving way to a whole new debate about the greatest players in the history of The Challenge.

To get there, they had to endure various daily challenges, political and social moves, and eliminations, followed by TJ Lavin’s final.

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There were likely some intriguing moments along the way, and at least a few cast members weren’t eliminated from the show by traditional means.

Viewers have seen similar circumstances during MTV’s The Challenge and the All Stars spinoff shows on Paramount Plus, with competitors having to leave due to various disqualifications.

This report will contain spoilers for the upcoming season of The Challenge World Championship on Paramount Plus.

The Challenge global tournament had medical DQs

According to spoilers revealed online, several cast members participating in The Challenge global tournament, aka The Challenge World Championship, had to exit the show due to medical reasons.

An Instagram post from @mtvchallengeinsider shows GamerVev’s tweet about the situation. It indicates that The Challenge: USA finalist Ben Driebergen developed some sort of illness, resulting in his medical DQ. At the time, he was teamed up with Spies, Lies & Allies winner Kaycee Clark.

The post also reveals that Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra also got sick, possibly with the same illness Ben had, which caused her to want to leave. However, things got interesting because she asked host TJ Lavin if castmate Kaycee could partner with her teammate, Troy Cullen.

Based on other spoilers, it appears that the request was granted somehow, something not seen very often on The Challenge. Troy previously appeared in Australian Ninja Warrior before going on The Challenge: Australia spinoff.

the challenge global spoilers for world championship teams
Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

In recent seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, there have been unaired situations involving medical DQs, including Aneesa’s original teammate getting edited out with her in the premiere episode of Ride or Dies. She then showed up as Jordan Wiseley’s teammate for the season.

There’s also the medical DQ controversy from All Stars 2, where Casey Cooper discovered she was pregnant, which meant she was unable to continue competing. That also led to her teammate at the time, Cohutta Grindstaff, getting disqualified from the season without having a chance to fight for his spot in the game.

Challenge GOATs competed in elimination rematch

Based on the spoilers above, there is also an epic elimination rematch on the way for The Challenge World Championship. Jordan and his teammate, Kaz Crossley, will take on The Challenge: USA finalist Justine Ndiba and seven-time Challenge champ Johnny Bananas.

Not only do they take them on, but they defeat them, ousting an all-time great from the game and an impressive newcomer Justine.

During MTV’s The Challenge: Free Agents in 2014, Jordan ensured that he’d get to challenge his then-rival Bananas in an elimination matchup. Bananas had been voted in already, and then it was up to The Draw, where three potential opponents had to flip cards to see if they were one competing in the event.

In a famous scene, Jordan flipped all three cards, two of which were meant for other cast members, to ensure he got the “X” card and would face Bananas. The two rivals then competed in Wrecking Wall, with Bananas ousting Jordan from the season.

Now eight years later, Jordan has become a three-time Challenge champ and was able to oust his former rival from a competition to determine the first-ever World Champions.

However, this may have been a team elimination rather than a one-on-one. It should be interesting to see what sort of event it was and if it came down to Jordan or his teammate getting the win.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge World Championship is TBA for Paramount Plus.

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