The Challenge star Cohutta Grindstaff reveals he’s engaged to girlfriend Katelyn Corley

cohutta grindstaff with fiancee katelyn corley
Cohutta Grindstaff poses alongside his fiancee Katelyn Corley. Pic credit: @cohuttalee/Instagram

As Thanksgiving arrived, The Challenge OG Cohutta Grindstaff showed how grateful he is for the love of his life, Katelyn Corley, by asking her to marry him.

Cohutta, 39, and Katelyn revealed they officially got engaged on Thanksgiving eve, with a social media post sharing several photos of the happy couple and the gorgeous ring.

Katelyn called it the “easiest yes” she’s ever given in an Instagram post, adding that she was ready to “do this thing forever” with him.

The couple posed indoors in Paradise Valley, Montana, looking warm and cozy in their winter hats and long-sleeve shirts while standing in front of a beautifully-decorated Christmas tree with shining lights.

Katelyn stood with her hand against Cohutta’s chest, showing off the sparkly engagement ring, as both she and Cohutta were all smiles.

In a second photo, she provides a close-up shot of the ring, holding her hand closer to the camera, with both she and Cohutta still beaming over the moment.

A third photo has her holding her hand to show the ring while Cohutta gives an ecstatic look with one hand raised in the air and his mouth and eyes wide open, celebrating her accepting his proposal.

“I got to give the easiest yes of my life last night. Cohutta Lee, my life is so much brighter with you in it. Thank you for loving me like you do. You make me one happy woman. Let’s do this forever thing, partner!!” she wrote in her IG caption.

“If my daddy could have hand picked my partner, there’s no doubt it would be you,” Katelyn said.

No online details indicate how long Cohutta and Katelyn have dated. However, they may have been together for over three years, based on an Instagram post from 2019.

Cohutta shared the post below in November 2019 on his IG page, showing he and Katelyn posing outdoors in a snowy scene.

“I had to convince her that this vest had zero to do with comfort or fashion and everything to do with her pretty little a** not getting shot on the second day of rifle season in Montana. Here’s to frozen waterfalls, Narnia, and hikes below zero ?. See you soon lady!!” Cohutta wrote in his caption.

There don’t appear to be other posts before that featuring Cohutta with Katelyn, which could show how long they’ve been together or when they made their relationship public.

Cohutta’s castmates from The Challenge offer congratulations

The big news from Cohutta brought several of his castmates from over the years of competing in MTV’s The Challenge to react to the news. Among them were former champs Kendal Sheppard, Johnny Bananas, and recent newlywed Leroy Garrett.

“Awww yayyy!!! Congratulations!” wrote Cohutta’s castmate, Kendal.

kendal sheppard congratulates cohutta grindstaff
Pic credit: @cohuttalee/Instagram

“Let’s gooooo congratulations to you both,” Leroy commented, along with some celebratory emojis.

leroy garrett reacts to cohutta engagement
Pic credit: @cohuttalee/Instagram

“Congratulations brotha,” wrote seven-time Challenge champ Bananas.

johnny bananas reacts cohutta engagement
Pic credit: @cohuttalee/Instagram

Cohutta returned for The Challenge: All Stars 2

Fans of The Challenge have seen some all-time favorite MTV OGs return to the competition series with the All Stars spinoff on Paramount Plus. That included Cohutta, who debuted in MTV’s The Real World: Sydney, appeared in four seasons of The Challenge, and returned for All Stars Season 2.

During the All Stars 2 season, competitors didn’t begin the game with teammates but eventually partnered up. Cohutta was teamed up with Casey Cooper, with their fate in the game tied together.

That fate involved an unexpected but happy disqualification for Casey when she discovered she was pregnant while filming the show. Since Casey was disqualified, Cohutta also had to leave the show.

The duo initially might have competed in elimination against several castmates, but the producers decided both teammates were out due to Casey’s medical situation.

Many fans weren’t too happy with the situation, as they felt Cohutta should’ve had a chance to compete in an elimination event to determine his fate in the game. As he reacted to his All Stars 2 exit, he echoed those sentiments in an Instagram post.

During a confessional interview in the All Stars 2 episode, Cohutta seemed OK with the circumstances, though, mentioning some things in life are “bigger than The Challenge.”

Like Casey’s pregnancy, those things definitely include his recent engagement, another big moment for The Challenge OG to celebrate.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount+.

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