The Challenge Season 38 spoilers: Rumors suggest castmates hooking up again after previous showmance

the challenge free agents season and cast
TJ Lavin addresses cast members from The Challenge: Free Agents in 2014. Pic credit: Paramount+

Rumor has it that two castmates involved with The Challenge Season 38 may have picked things up where a previous showmance left off.

As spoilers hit the internet about MTV’s season currently filming in Argentina, not only are elimination results arriving, but so are rumors about drama, hookups, and other details.

With that, this report will feature a few spoilers about particular castmates involved in MTV’s The Challenge Season 38 and a potential hookup or showmance.

Insider reveals The Challenge Season 38 showmance/hookup

Over the years, plenty of hookups and showmances went down within The Challenge houses or headquarters on various seasons. Fans have seen former champions involved in quite a few of them.

Once The Real World: Portland’s Jordan Wiseley joined The Challenge, he began to enjoy a few different showmances and relationships with castmates. Among these showmances were Sarah Rice, Laurel Stucky, and Tori Deal.

Based on details from a Challenge insider and spoilers expert, @GamerVev, on Twitter, Jordan and Laurel are hooking up again during The Challenge Season 38 filming in Argentina.

gamervev reveals challenge spoilers on twitter
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

The two castmates were previously in a showmance and relationship while they appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: Free Agents in 2014. That was the season Laurel won for the women, with Johnny Bananas winning amongst the men competing. Each of them banked $125,000 in first-place prize money.

Several months ago, Jordan and Laurel crossed paths again, but this time at their castmates’ second wedding. Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols invited them as guests for the event, and based on online rumors, Jordan and Laurel were looking “close and cuddly” while in a hotel at the event.

reddit user brings up speculation jordan and laurel hookup
Pic credit: u/CranberryQueenV/Reddit

Jordan’s ex-fiancee also part of Season 38

A few things could make The Challenge Season 38 hookup involving Jordan and Laurel more interesting and potentially messy. One of those is that Jordan’s ex-fiancee, Tori Deal, is also one of their castmates for the season.

The two became engaged on War of the Worlds II and remained engaged until Double Agents was about to premiere on MTV last year. Speculation hit the internet that Tori may have cheated with a castmate, and Fessy Shafaat quickly became the castmate people pointed fingers at.

She denied any cheating happened several times. It was later revealed that she and Fessy had taken a trip to Turks and Caicos, but that was after she and Jordan split up. Jordan seemingly confirmed that.

In addition to his situation with Tori, Jordan appeared on Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars 3 with former Real World castmate Nia Moore. In one scene, the two were shown cuddling in bed, revealing they hooked up. Nia later commented about the hookup online and said the sex was good.

A running theme for All Stars 3 was that Nia decided to participate in the spinoff only due to having her castmate Jordan there. During Episode 8, she admitted she used to hate him and wish death upon Jordan, but now “loves him.”

While the two aren’t in a committed relationship based on anything presented on the show or elsewhere, things still could get messy when it comes to Jordan’s latest hookup and a few other women seeing it transpire.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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