The Challenge Season 37: Tori Deal of The Challenge addresses her incident with Tacha Akide

tori deal in the challenge spies lies and allies confessional segment
Tori Deal spoke about what happened with her castmate Tacha Akide in Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

At the end of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 3, rookie Tacha Akide was clearly upset as she felt castmate Tori Deal had been fake to her earlier in the episode.

That resulted in a major blowup by Tacha, as she screamed at Tori from the ground level of The Lair elimination site and wouldn’t allow her to say anything back in defense.

The Challenge vet recently addressed what went down, with Tori sharing she felt bad about what happened because she “really liked Tacha” and “genuinely was not trying to hurt her.”

Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 3 featured Tacha yelling at castmate

Big Brother Nigeria star Tacha Akide was one of the 19 rookies who started the Spies, Lies & Allies season. In Episode 3’s events, she’d become the latest of the rookies to get sent home due to the veteran alliance’s continued strategy of targeting rookies.

During the daily challenge, Tacha and her partner, Love Island’s Jeremiah White, were the only team who didn’t complete the mission. That made it easy for everyone to vote them in at deliberation.

Tori and her rookie teammate, Ed Eason, were The Agency since they’d won the daily challenge, which gave them the power to send in Tacha and Jeremiah’s opponents.

What irritated Tacha was a conversation Tori had with her and Jeremiah following deliberation. The episode included a scene where Tori went to their room to see who they might want to face in elimination if she could make it happen.

Tacha requested Michele Fitzgerald, and Tori said she’d see what she could do. Later at the elimination site, Tori and her rookie partner Ed Eason sent in Tacha’s roommate Berna Canbeldek instead.

Berna would win that elimination, which involved the two women having to build ladders using poles of different sizes and then climb to the top of them to ring a bell. Following the elimination result, Tacha bid farewell to her castmates but not before going off on Tori.

“Im proud of myself. I’m proud of everybody else here. Minus you,” Tacha said to Tori after telling her she wasn’t the one who came to her room to talk to her.

On The Challenge Aftermath show, Tacha told host Devyn Simone that she and Tori are “literally nowhere” after that incident, adding, “I got out from the house and blocked her.”

Tacha went on to bring up Tori being fake to her as the reason for her going off on her at elimination.

In addition, Tacha revealed that Tori tricked her into thinking they were part of a team during the season’s opening challenge so that Tacha would help her and partner Kelz Dyke smash their cinder blocks.

Tori comments further about situation with Tacha on The Challenge

The morning after The Challenge Season 37, Episode 3 aired on MTV, a new Official Challenge Podcast episode arrived, with Tori and Aneesa Ferreira commenting about the new installment.

Early in the podcast episode, Tori spoke about what happened between her and her rookie castmate.

“It’s just so sad because I really liked Tacha, and I genuinely was not trying to hurt her, and that’s why I told her, ‘I want to help if I can.’ It just ended up not working that way because of all of the other moving parts that go into making a decision before you say somebody’s name,” Tori said.

“I think it was easier to get mad at you. I don’t know if she knew that her conversation with you wasn’t a for sure like ‘I’m gonna give you who you want.’ You know?” Aneesa added.

Tori revealed that after deliberation, she had other unaired conversations about possibly putting in rookies Emanuel Neagu or Gabo Szabo. When speaking to their respective partners, Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez, she said they’d asked her not to throw in their rookie partners.

Due to that, Tori said nobody had “vouched” for Corey Lay, so she chose to throw in him as the men’s competitor. She said she also asked Corey who he’d want to go in and compete with. He said he didn’t want Tori to say Michele [Fitzgerald]’s name, and he wanted a strong teammate for elimination like Berna [Canbeldek].

“I just feel bad because I don’t want Tacha to think it was a personal thing,” Tori shared before she and Aneesa moved on to another topic on their podcast.

As of this report, it doesn’t appear that Tori and Tacha are amicable based on social media comments. One must wonder if MTV will have both of them as part of a Season 37 reunion or if they’ll play it safe by only having the veteran star attend the event.

Either way, Tacha said she plans to return to the show and get her revenge, which sets up an intriguing future season of MTV’s competition series.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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