The Challenge Season 37, Episode 3 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies and Allies?

the challenge season 37 episode 3 cast members at daily challenge
Cast members await their daily challenge for The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge Season 37, Episode 3 arrived, rookie Emy Alupei celebrated her first elimination win and shared with her castmates about why she stole Devin Walker as her partner, saying it was due to him being smart.

Meanwhile, Tori Deal and her new partner, rookie Ed Eason, got to know about each other. Tori said it was refreshing to have Ed’s positive energy since she was an old veteran in the game.

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley spoke with Fessy Shafaat about the vets not telling her their plan with Kelz Dyke. Fessy said they didn’t know how close she was to him. Big T questioned whether they could trust one another.

The Challenge castmate showmances under the spotlight

They had a funny training montage called Nelly T’s Booty Camp, with Nelson Thomas, Tacha Akide, Berna Canbeldek, and Esther Agunbiade all working out. Berna said she was having problems dealing with emotions projected towards her from vets that she felt were intimidated.

Footage showed Amanda Garcia and Ashley Mitchell nearby to infer they still had issues with Nelson’s new girlfriend. In a confessional, Nelson admitted he was “feeling the vibe” with Berna and wanted to explore things with her.

Corey Lay talked to fellow rookie Gabo Szabo about not knowing what to do in the game because he felt he would keep getting voted in.

Michele Fitzgerald and Emanuel Neagu were shown getting close to one another. Emanuel said they talk about the game and life but also cuddle and more.

Sea Cave Recon brings injuries, new winners

The latest daily challenge had competitors jumping off a 30-foot cliff down into the violent sea below. From there, they’d retrieve two bombs deep down underwater and inside a cave.

Once they retrieved the bombs, the teammates had to swim to Waverunners and hold on as they drove to a detonation spot. The team that got their bombs to the detonation spot quickest became The Agency.

Early on, Hughie Maughan started to freak out about the jump, but Ashley Mitchell talked him into doing it. In another heat, rookie Michele Fitzgerald suffered an injury as her partner Corey could see blood gushing from her face in the water.

During another run, Tommy Sheehan lost his pants on the way out of the water, drawing laughs from his castmates. Tommy also needed medical attention after the challenge. He eventually got checked out by medics, got pants, and went back to the rest of the cast, but he still seemed woozy.

Tacha and Jeremiah White were struggling when they got into the cave and ended up getting disqualified. All of the other teams completed the mission.

When it was all said and done, the top two teams were separated by less than a second. The fastest team of the day was Tori and Ed, so they became The Agency. They barely beat Corey and Michele.

Competitor leaves, deliberation brings blowup

Tori talked with Devin and Aneesa about maybe putting Big T into elimination due to Big T sending her in last season on Double Agents.

Devin suggested that the house vote in Michele and Corey. He also suggested sending in Berna because she was an issue due to her involvement with Nelson. For the men, he mentioned Tommy, Corey, and Emanuel as potential rookies to put in.

Tommy showed up at the house one morning after going to get checked out at the hospital. He told castmates that he had to go home due to suffering a concussion. Michele was upset to lose her Survivor ally. Big T spoke with him privately. She was in tears and told him she was sorry this happened.

Things got heated at deliberation. Tacha and Jeremiah spoke first. Devin asked if it’s not them voted in, then who? Tacha said she would have to say Corey L. and Michele’s names. Corey took exception to that.

Devin also brought up Big T had no partner. Josh told her she should speak now. Big T said she’d blow up if she did. She ended up speaking anyways after Tori said the vets aren’t stupid if people are going around having conversations.

The agents all cast their secret votes on their touchscreens. The Compromised Agents ended up being Tacha and Jeremiah.

Tori and Big T had a conversation privately with Kyle also there. Tori said she needed to think it over to determine what’s best for her game. Kyle suggested to Tori if she sent Big T in, it might mean people think the veteran alliance truce is off.

Tori asked Tacha and Jeremiah if there was anyone they wanted to see in elimination. Tacha asked for Michele and shook Tori’s hand.

What happened in the Episode 3 elimination?

There was no cast partying in the latest episode. Competitors were shown getting suited up and heading to The Lair for the elimination with rain coming down.

Host TJ Lavin called the Compromised Agents, Tacha and Jeremiah, down. TJ asked The Agency who they were sending in. Tori called out Berna’s name for elimination, and Ed agreed. They chose Corey L. as the man to go down to elimination.

TJ announced that Tommy was deactivated, but that meant Jeremiah and Corey were both safe. It was Berna vs. Tacha in the latest rookies elimination.

The women had to compete in Slipping Up, which involved using different size poles to build rungs for a ladder. They had to use all of the poles and use them in the right order. The first competitor to climb up their rungs and ring a bell at the top would win.

Ahead of the elimination. Tacha said in a confessional she wasn’t happy with Tori coming to her, asking who she wanted in elimination, and then putting her roommate in with her.

As they competed, Nelson, CT, and others cheered on Berna while Ashley visibly cheered for Tacha. One of the poles fell and hit Berna in the face, causing her to start bleeding. The two rookies were neck and neck but kept suffering setbacks as they fell off and their poles fell.

the challenge rookie berna canbeldek in spies lies allies episode 3 elimination
Berna Cambeldek competes in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies elimination. Pic credit: MTV

Eventually, they got it together, though. In the end, it was Berna capturing her first Challenge elimination win. She sobbed as she hugged Tacha.

Tacha became enraged and started yelling at Tori for coming to her room and acting fake to her earlier. Tori tried to speak, but Tacha told her she didn’t even want to listen to her. She said in confessional if she comes back, she’s definitely coming for Tori.

Berna got to decide if she wanted to stay with CT Tamburello as her partner or steal someone else’s partner. She opted to stick with the champion CT. Big T and Jeremiah became teammates by default.

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