Tacha Akide puts The Challenge vets on notice with fiery message about playing the game

the challenge 37 rookie tacha akide during season 37 promo video
Tacha Akide had a message for her veteran castmates from The Challenge Season 37. Pic credit: MTV

Following the events of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 2, rookie Tacha Akide sent a powerful message to her veteran castmates about keeping it real.

The second episode featured the veteran alliance using a sneaky plan to target one of the biggest rookie threats, Kelz Dyke, as Josh Martinez came up with a fabricated story to get him voted into elimination.

Kelz called Josh out during deliberation for creating a “fake lie” and not admitting he was afraid of him. However, Josh continued to maintain during and after the episode that it was just part of the game and “nothing personal.”

That led to Tacha’s recent message, which even got the attention of a two-time Challenge finalist who supported her statement.

The Challenge’s Tacha Akide shares fired-up video message

Are you real or fake? That’s the question rookie Tacha Akide is asking her veteran castmates, based on things that have gone down in the first few episodes of The Challenge Season 37.

The former Big Brother Nigeria 4 contestant recorded an Instagram Story video in which she called out vets talking about how “it’s just a game” and “nothing personal.”

“Isn’t it funny how these vets always want to play funny and at the end of the day be like, ‘No, no, it’s nothing personal. It’s all game. It’s all game.’ It’s all game, really? Just answer the damn question,” Tacha said.

“Are you fake asf, or you’re not fake asf?” she asked, adding, “That’s all I need to know. Don’t be out here trying to be all ‘It’s a game. It’s nothing personal.’ Yeah, it’s a game. It’s nothing personal, like so f*****g what?”

The video clips above grabbed former Challenge finalist Paulie Calafiore’s attention as he shared them on his Instagram Story in support of her remarks.

“She really went in. Here for it,” Paulie said with a tag for the rookie Challenge star.

The Challenge vet said ‘it was nothing personal’ with rookie castmate

Josh Martinez was one of six guests Devyn Simone had on The Challenge Aftermath show following Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 2. At one point, she brought up the deliberation and how Josh played Kelz.

“Honestly, it was nothing personal with Kelz. I already knew the game that the vets were playing, and at that point, we were so locked in that I thought Kelz might be the biggest threat to the vet alliance if he’s able to rally some people. So I fabricated some stuff here and there,” Josh said during the Aftermath episode.

“I had a conversation with Cory and Fessy, and I said, ‘This is my opportunity to put a target on his back,'” Josh added.

Josh’s plan worked, as it got Kelz Dyke and his rookie partner Tracy Candela voted into an elimination where they lost to Ed Eason and Emy Alupei. Kelz has already vowed that he’ll return to compete again.

Most likely, Tacha’s recent clip that Paulie shared on Instagram refers to Josh’s remarks after he played Kelz.

While it is true that it’s just a game, fans have seen that sometimes things do get a bit heated and personal. That was apparent as Emy became upset she got sent into elimination in Episode 2.

Kelz didn’t seem to take it personally and made a smart move in calling out the veteran competitor, which gained him plenty of respect from Challenge fans.

Most likely, Josh will be back, as will Kelz, with him becoming much savvier about how he plays the game in his next season.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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