The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Multiple eliminations revealed just before the final

the challenge double agents cast members in episode 13
Spoilers continue to arrive for The Challenge Season 37 ahead of the final Pic credit: MTV

With filming currently underway for the next season of The Challenge, it appears the latest installment may be getting closer to TJ Lavin’s final.

Based on The Challenge Season 37 spoilers, several eliminations took place to reduce the total number of cast members competing on the show.

Read on for spoilers about which competitors were recently eliminated, including one particular fan favorite that had many fans rooting for them to win it all.

The Challenge Season 37 spoilers reveal more eliminations

It’s going to be an interesting 37th season of The Challenge based on spoilers that have arrived online over the past month or so. They’ve included speculation about several cast members hooking up and fighting. Some of the fights have even resulted in cast members getting kicked off the show.

Of course, there have also been eliminations taking place, and plenty of rookies have been sent home from the extensive cast list. In addition, several fan-favorite competitors also exited, including a Double Agents winner.

In the latest spoilers, it appears three cast members have been eliminated from the show just before the final. Scroll through the post below to see which competitors have been sent home, presumably just ahead of the final.

As of this report, there are no details about which competitors may have eliminated the three cast members revealed in the post above. Additionally, there have yet to be any details given about any of the elimination events for the season.

Based on the above Instagram spoilers post, it’s possible there was a purge situation during a daily challenge or elsewhere, to determine these three eliminations.

It’s also possible there was a women’s elimination involving only two competitors and a men’s elimination with three competitors. Viewers saw something like that on the first War of the Worlds season as three competitors went into elimination and one winner emerged. There’s also the possibility that a competitor was medically disqualified or sent home for another reason.

Eliminated star may have most successful season yet

While the two rookies had successful seasons, many fans were rooting for Amanda Garcia. The 28-year-old Challenge star was the only returning competitor on the show who hadn’t appeared on the previous season, Double Agents.

The former Are You The One? 3 star debuted on Rivals III with Nelson Thomas as her partner. She appeared on four more seasons after that, with War of the Worlds her most recent season.

During WOTW, she and teammate Josh Martinez made it to Episode 7 that season before getting eliminated by Kam Williams and Ashley Cain.

The furthest Amanda has made it on a season thus far is to Episode 15 on Final Reckoning. However, she and partner Zach Nichols were disqualified from the competition due to Zach’s fractured nose injury during an elimination.

Based on recent history, Season 37 may be another season with 20-plus episodes, which would seem to indicate Amanda made it the farthest she has since her Challenge debut. Unfortunately, it looks like an appearance in the final continues to elude her, but there’s always the possibility she’ll return to compete again.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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