The Challenge Season 37: Michele Fitzgerald, Aneesa Ferreira comment on castmate’s elimination blowup

aneesa ferreira during the challenge season 37 confessional
The Challenge’s Aneesa Ferreira commented on that Spies, Lies & Allies elimination blowup toward her friend. Pic credit: MTV

After losing in an elimination during The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, one cast member vented their frustrations towards another they felt had been fake to them.

The footage shown to viewers revealed that Tori Deal, a winning team member in Episode 3’s daily challenge, had gone privately to talk to Tacha Akide and Jeremiah White after they’d been voted into elimination.

Tori asked who they wanted to face if she could make it happen, with Tacha saying, Michele Fitzgerald. However, at the elimination, Tori and her partner Ed Eason opted to send in rookie cast member Berna Canbeldek, who was Tacha’s roommate, instead.

That resulted in a major blowup after Tacha lost the elimination to Berna, as she called out Tori for being “fake.” Following the episode, fellow rookie Michele Fitzgerald and Tori’s friend Aneesa Ferreira gave their thoughts.

Aneesa speaks about people losing their cool on The Challenge

MTV’s The Official Challenge Podcast provides commentary each week after the latest episode of Spies, Lies & Allies with Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira as hosts.

Their coverage of Episode 3 included Tori addressing the situation with Tacha and saying she was planning to send a DM to Tacha to apologize again for what happened.

During The Challenge Aftermath episode, Tacha said she blocked Tori after leaving the show. So it would seem they still aren’t on good terms and that Tori may need to find a creative way to get that message to Tacha.

Tori’s friend, castmate, and co-host, Aneesa, spoke a bit about the situation on MTV’s Challenge podcast, with guest Michele Fitzgerald also there.

“It’d be better if she had 3,000 followers and not 1.8 million,” Aneesa said on the podcast, speaking about Tacha’s blowup towards Tori.

“Listen, she’s loved over there. That’s great. She’s doing her thing. She sent me some cute little yoga sets and things. But it is a game, and I’ve lost my cool a million times. I mean, we all have. It just sucks when it’s targeted at your friend. You know it puts you in a weird spot,” Aneesa added.

Ahead of the episode, Tori deleted her Twitter, which is where Tacha has over 1 million followers with a loyal fanbase known as the “Tacha Titans.”

Tori remained on Instagram, where Tacha has 1.8 million followers. She may also still see some of Tacha’s fans reacting to various MTV posts that feature her.

However, Tori posted a message to her fans and supporters, thanking them for having her back this past week.

Michele comments on elimination, Tacha’s reaction after loss

Survivor winner and Season 37 rookie Michele Fitzgerald weighed in on the elimination in Episode 3 during the podcast.

“I was watching it, and I was wondering, kind of thinking to myself to a degree because I was thinking like, ‘Should I have stepped up and stepped in and taken Berna’s place?’” Tori and Aneesa’s castmate said.

Michele said her reason for that would’ve been to get away from being a target in an all-rookie pair with Corey Lay because it would’ve just kept happening if they didn’t do something.

“You know what? That would’ve saved me getting yelled at, so I wish you would’ve done it,” Tori joked with Michele during the podcast.

Michele also commented about Tacha’s reaction after losing the elimination, saying she was surprised she reacted how she did due to her previous reality TV show, Big Brother Nigeria.

“I think it’s interesting that Tacha responded that way because she came from Big Brother,” Michele said, adding, “So for me, I’m just thinking, ‘You’ve played a competitive game before. You probably had situations like this before.’”

“It’s part of the game, so I was pretty surprised to see her response,” Michele commented on the podcast.

“Under the gun in a pressure situation, you know tempers are flaring, and sometimes you just need to, you know, you need to put that attention somewhere,” Michele added.

Tori went on to say on the podcast she believed she could clear things up with Tacha if they had a conversation because she doesn’t take the game seriously and others shouldn’t.

Time will tell if that conversation happens or if Tacha Akide and her Titans continue to go after Tori in future Challenge seasons.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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