The Challenge Season 37: Kyle Christie says he cried after Episode 11 mission, explains team strategy

the challenge star kyle christie after season 37 episode 11 daily challenge
Kyle Christie reacts to costing his team a win in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 11. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Kyle Christie admits he felt terrible for a critical mistake he made during Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 11.

While the episode footage didn’t show it, he said he was in tears after the daily challenge, and a castmate had to comfort him.

In addition to giving details on that, he explained his thought process about making a big decision at the end of the episode.

This report will contain spoilers for Spies, Lies & Allies up through Episode 11, including the elimination matchup and results.

Kyle was ‘heartbroken’ and shed tears after daily mission

In Season 37, Episode 11, the daily mission was Satellite Sabotage. Each team’s members had to jump from arm to arm on a large satellite structure hanging above the water while opponents down on the shore blasted away at them with a fire hose.

Once a team member got to the second-to-last arm, they had to take a leap of faith towards the final arm and grab a wire from underneath that final arm, pulling a plug out before they fell into the water.

Kyle didn’t leap to grab the wire and fall. Instead, he jumped onto the final arm, waited a bit, yanked a wire out from under the arm, and then dropped into the water. Later, the Ruby team thought they won the event, as three of their team members completed the mission, the most of any group.

kyle christie and ruby team compete in satellite sabotage during the challenge season 37 episode 11
Kyle Christie’s critical mistake during the Satellite Sabotage mission cost Team Ruby the win. Pic credit: MTV

However, Kyle’s failure to follow the rules came back to hurt them, as TJ revealed his turn didn’t count. The Ruby and Emerald teams tied with two players completing the mission on each team.

However, the Emerald team was declared the winners with the quickest time between the two teams. Not only did they win safety and become The Agency, but they also got bonus prizes, including P3 protein snacks and $3,000 each.

During his appearance on The Official Challenge Podcast, Kyle spoke about why he was so upset after messing up the mission.

“I was heartbroken, not because we didn’t win, and it wasn’t because we weren’t in The Agency. I was more concerned about $3,000, especially with like Big T [Fazakerley] on my team, Emy [Alupei], who like, these newbie people that need that money. That’s what I was heartbroken about,” Kyle shared.

“I don’t think it showed it, but I was crying at the end of it. Cory [Wharton] really pulled me out of it. I was like crying. I was so heartbroken,” Kyle added.

The Challenge star explains team move in Episode 11

Kyle’s move didn’t cost him in terms of anyone voting him into elimination. However, since the Ruby team didn’t win that daily challenge, the men on the team weren’t safe from being called into elimination. That included Cory, Logan Sampedro, and Kyle.

Rookie Ed Eason was voted into the elimination after he sacrificed himself for fellow rookie Logan, who was healing from a hamstring injury. At the elimination, Ed had a choice between Cory and Kyle. He called out Kyle as his opponent.

It ended up being Pole Wrestle, and Kyle was already 3-0 in the event from previous seasons of The Challenge. He was able to win in two rounds against the rookie, sending Ed home for the season.

After the win, Kyle had the option to return to the Ruby team or steal someone’s spot on another team. He chose to steal Nelson’s spot on the Sapphire team, joining CT Tamburello and others.

During the podcast, Tori asked Kyle why he decided to go to Sapphire and not Emerald. Part of it was because he said he’s a “big CT guy,” and the guy’s a beast when it comes to winning. However, he also had a strategy in mind.

“I did think about coming to Emerald, but I didn’t want to mess up what you had going on, to be honest…You were one of my number ones in there, Tori. Devin was as well. I liked you two on that team because I knew as long as you and Devin were on that team, I’m completely safe,” Kyle said.

Kyle went on to say if he felt if he had joined Emerald and the Ruby team won a daily mission, he was “definitely going in” for the elimination.

“I don’t look towards winning. I look towards safety. I’m like a cockroach after a nuclear bomb goes off. I just want to survive,” Kyle said jokingly.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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