The Challenge Season 37: Kaycee Clark’s ex sells off used Challenge gear online

kaycee clark during the challenge spies lies allies season
Former Big Brother star Kaycee Clark is one of the winners of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season.

Fresh off Kaycee Clark’s victory in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, her girlfriend listed off several of Kaycee’s used items worn during her time competing on MTV’s show.

A Challenge superfan revealed that Taylor Jimenez had placed some of Kaycee’s gear on the popular secondhand clothing website Poshmark with prices that may surprise people.

The sales arrive after Taylor and Kaycee’s breakup earlier this year ahead of The Challenge Season 37 premiere featuring the emergence of Kaycee’s new relationship with Nany Gonzalez.

Kaycee Clark’s ex sold off some Challenge gear

The Challenge Season 37 finale aired last Wednesday, December 15, and featured Kaycee Clark in an emotional elimination battle against her girlfriend, Nany Gonzalez.

After eliminating Nany in a bit of footage full of tears, Kaycee went on to team up with Chris “CT” Tamburello, and the duo finished first place, laying claim to $1 million in prize money.

They received an option to share some money with the other finalists, and they did. Kaycee and CT gave the second and third-place teams $100,000 each.

During a recent podcast interview, Kaycee joked she hadn’t even received the prize money yet from Spies, Lies & Allies but said it was going towards a lot of snacks for her love Nany, including chocolate and Cheetos.

Meanwhile, on Monday, December 20, a Challenge superfan revealed that Kaycee’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Jimenez, had listed several of Kaycee’s clothing items worn on The Challenge on Poshmark.

The items include “MTB Branded Authentic Shorts” for $185 and “The Challenge MTV cast shirt” with Kaycee’s name on the front for $215. Based on the screenshot below, both items were sold, with fans likely buying them up.

kaycee clark ex sells off challenge gear
Pic credit: @jaychallenge37/Instagram

Taylor has listed additional items that are labeled as “Reality TV star woman’s branded clothing” for “Big Brother and The Challenge” in the description and have the initials “KC” on them.

Those items include crop tank tops, lounge shorts, and bikinis in a set shown at the Poshmark listing.

taylor jimenez sells kaycee clark gear from the challenge
Pic credit: @tayjim/Instagram Story

Taylor was with Kaycee during her first two Challenge seasons

According to previous reports, Taylor Jimenez, age 25, dated Kaycee for about two years. She was the girlfriend back home that Kaycee seemed to remain faithful to during Kaycee’s rookie season, The Challenge: Total Madness.

That season also included Nany Gonzalez amongst Kaycee’s castmates, and there were definite flirtations between the two.

After that Double Agents season filmed, Jimenez had indicated there was “no bad blood” between her and Nany over Nany’s attempted flirting with Kaycee.

It appeared that Taylor and Kaycee were still going strong as Kaycee appeared in her second season, Double Agents, which had its episodes air from late December 2020 into April of 2021. Nany was again one of Kaycee’s castmates that season, but there were no flirty scenes shown in the episodes.

However, things got messier this past July, as Taylor and Kaycee had broken up, ahead of the season premiere of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season premiere on MTV. A reveal that Kaycee and Nany were a couple brought some heated reactions online from Taylor.

Before the season’s first episode arrived, Nany and Kaycee teased their relationship via social media posts. On Twitter, Taylor reacted to the rumors, indicating she was “hurt by the amount of lies and manipulation” that she put up with.

Ahead of those tweets, a series of rumored text messages between Taylor and Kaycee surfaced online. In those messages, Taylor blasted Kaycee, seemingly over her involvement with Nany, telling her, “Go date that b***h now. I’m done with you. I’m so disappointed in you.”

The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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