The Challenge Season 37, Episode 19 recap: Winners crowned at Spies, Lies & Allies final

agents at the challenge spies lies allies final in episode 19
The finalists faced tough tasks and decisions in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies finale. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37, Episode 19 brought the thrilling conclusion to the Spies, Lies & Allies final in Croatia. Eight competitors remained to battle over $1 million in prize money.

They were split into the Purple Cell and Orange Cell at the end of the previous episode. Purple featured CT Tamburello, Devin Walker, Tori Deal, and Emy Alupei, while Orange featured Nelson Thomas, Kyle Christie, Nany Gonzalez, and Kaycee Clark.

As the finale opened, TJ Lavin informed the competitors they did not want to finish in last place. TJ told them it was time to go, and they raced off for their first checkpoint as teams.

The Challenge agents work on first task as teams

At Checkpoint No. 4, the two teams each had a safe inside a cage wrapped in a heavy chain rope. They had to unravel that chain and rope, then head over to nearby water to swim and dive underwater to find symbols to memorize. Each agent needed to memorize two symbols as part of a puzzle so their team could figure out the combination for the safe.

Purple Cell gained the early advantage by working well together to unravel the rope. Orange struggled but finally figured it out. However, Purple had already made it to the water and started swimming.

Once Orange got there, everyone started swimming except for Nelson Thomas, who asked for a lifejacket but didn’t get one. He struggled with the swim as his teammates were doing fine. Kyle vented in a confessional about how Nelson was holding them up.

Nelson said in his confessional he felt his legs cramping up and might drown. A safety crew came over in a canoe to get him out. Purple Cell got out of the water, solved the puzzle, opened their safe to get the key, then took off running for the next checkpoint.

The agents had to hike up another steep, rocky mountain trail which took a lot of endurance. As they were doing so, Nany spoke in her confessional about wanting to prove herself for her mom, who was a “workhorse” while she was growing up.

Purple Cell was pushing it, but Devin struggled as he was in the back, lagging behind his teammates. CT playfully trash-talked him to keep him moving. Orange could finally see the other team ahead of them.

Next checkpoints feature heavy torpedos

Purple finally got to Checkpoint No. 5, which involved removing a chain wrapped around a giant, heavy torpedo to carry it on the trail. Orange Cell caught up, got their torpedo unchained, and took the lead.

Devin was struggling as they walked with the torpedo, and they had to take a rest break. Orange Cell got to their next checkpoint, which involved a large puzzle made out of more torpedos.

The teams had to place their torpedo in the missing spot and then move torpedos around to create three squares to complete the puzzle. Nelson kept trying to come up with different shapes, but his team struggled to figure it out. Purple Cell managed to catch up finally.

CT quickly figured out how to get the three squares created, and his team helped him move torpedos. They took off to continue the final as Orange kept trying to figure out the puzzle. They eventually did after Purple had built a decent lead.

Checkpoint No. 6 brought a large ball that the teammates had to push up the mountain together, but they had to make sure it stayed on the road and didn’t go off to the side. Nelson got a bit carried away, and his team’s ball went offroad.

Purple Cell got to the finish line and waited for the Orange Cell to arrive. That was the end of their first day of the final. TJ told them they had to stay in a cave up on the hill for the night. All they had were sleeping bags. Nany and Kaycee enjoyed their time together in the final.

Seconds day of final brings emotional eliminations

TJ greeted the agents on the mountainside the following day at Checkpoint No. 7. TJ told them Purple Cell is safe and would continue on towards $1 million. However, Orange Cell had to face off in two eliminations.

They competed in Back Me Up, the elimination in Season 37, Episode 1. Instead of teams, they played individually. It was Kyle vs. Nelson and Nany vs. Kaycee. They were strapped back to back and had to use their body strength to push their opponent off the side of the ramp. The first player to do that twice would win, while the other got eliminated.

The men went first, with Kyle grabbing the first round. They fought hard in the second, but Kyle ultimately picked up the win. Nelson was devastated, but TJ went over and gave him a pep talk to keep getting up. Everyone said goodbye to Nelson. In his confessional, he vowed to one day be a Challenge champion.

The women’s battle featured Nany Gonzalez and her girlfriend Kaycee Clark squaring off. Kaycee and Nany cried in their confessionals about facing each other in the final.

the challenge season 37 episode 19 final elimination event
Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez had to battle in an elimination in the Spies, Lies & Allies final. Pic credit: MTV

“I want this more for Kaycee than for myself,” Nany admitted in her confessional.

Kaycee won the first round, and then Nany somehow got the second. However, Kaycee ultimately won the elimination, sending Nany home in an emotional moment.

Nany had a teary-eyed confessional about how much Kaycee has helped her grow in their relationship. Everyone bid farewell to Nany.

Who won The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies final?

TJ revealed an interesting twist for the two elimination winners. He asked Kyle and Kaycee if they wanted to remain partners or steal any other agent as their partner for the rest of the final.

Kyle stole Tori as his partner, and Kaycee chose CT. That left Emy and Devin as teammates to finish out the final.

The new teams arrived at the final checkpoint with three large vaults next to each other. TJ told them they had to race to the top of the mountain, retrieve a code to open up one of the safes. Inside the safe is a million-dollar black diamond. The first team to get it would win the final.

The winners would then decide how much money they wanted to share with the second and third-place teams. TJ said teams had to finish the final to get any money, though.

The teams took off on a foot race up the steep mountain. Devin struggled again with his endurance as he lagged behind Emy.

Kyle and Tori took the lead, with CT and Kaycee in second. Those teams were neck and neck as they reached the flag on top of the mountain with a 20-digit code for the safe they had to memorize.

CT and Kaycee departed first, followed by Tori and Kyle. As Kaycee was descending the mountain, she remembered her injury from Double Agents final. CT got to the final checkpoint first, followed by Kaycee. Kyle and Tori caught up. The two teams struggled to get the right combo.

Eventually, CT and Kaycee did their code properly and unlocked their safe to get the million-dollar diamond. Kaycee fell on her back on the ground as CT celebrated over her. That made for CT’s fifth Challenge championship and Kaycee’s first.

the challenge stars kaycee clark and ct tamburello at season 37 final
Kaycee Clark and CT Tamburello celebrate the win at The Challenge Season 37 final. Pic credit: MTV

Kyle and Tori got second place, followed by Devin and Emy. The winners decided if they wanted to share any of the $1 million prize money. They chose to give the other two teams $100,000 each to split up. So Kyle, Tori, Devin, and Emy received $50,000 each.

TJ Lavin called it “the classiest thing” he’s seen. Kaycee said they all got there together. The finalists hugged as the Spies, Lies & Allies season closed.

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