The Challenge: Nelson Thomas, Marie Roda share images of superfan’s impressive tattoos of Challenge stars

nelson thomas at the challenge aftermath show
The Challenge star Nelson Thomas during an Aftermath episode for Season 37. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

One fan of The Challenge has taken their fandom to the next level by getting images of various stars from the show tattooed onto his legs.

Challenge alum Marie Roda first shared images of the superfan, with Nelson Thomas providing a video look at all of the unique Challenge star tattoos.

They included two-time champion Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell, Marie, and Amanda Garcia, among several others.

Marie Roda shows off Challenge fan’s tattoos

On Friday, December 12, former Real World: St. Thomas star and Challenge alum Marie Roda showed off a cool photo featuring Marie pointing to a guy’s leg on her Instagram.

“Momma, I made it!!” Marie wrote in the caption for her photo share. The image includes the fan, tongue out, also pointing to his leg.

A second image in the series below shows a closeup of the leg, and it includes Challenge star Marie with “You’re Corny” written around her image.

Marie’s photo arrived from Celebration, Florida, possibly at a meetup or another random occurrence where a fan saw Marie at a store or mall.

The fan’s other leg is slightly visible in the photo above, showing off what appears to be Nany Gonzalez. However, a video shared later showed even more Challenge star tattoos are scattered around the guy’s legs.

Nelson shares video revealing all of fan’s tattoos

Current The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies cast member Nelson Thomas shared several videos on his Instagram story in just the past day. In one, he’s posing with some fans, possibly at a mall, who yell out “Scuba Nelly T,” a nickname he gave himself during a swimming challenge.

In two other video clips, Nelson revealed he’d met the superfan with all those Challenger tattoos. The video clips give a full look at all the stars from the show who are part of the impressive inkwork.

They include Marie, Ashley, Nany, Paulie Calafiore, Mattie Lynn Breaux, and Amanda Garcia.

Fan is a musician, has ‘life-long dedication’ to The Challenge

On November 29, the superfan, who Marie referred to as “Tommy” in her recent comment, shared an image of his newest tattoos.

“My life long dedication to @challengemtv continues,” Tommy wrote in his Nov. 29 Instagram post’s caption, tagging Nany Gonzalez and Amanda Garcia.

The image below shows closeups of his tattoos featuring the two Challenge stars, who appear in the recent Spies, Lies & Allies season.

“I’m honored,” Amanda Garcia wrote with a heart emoji in her comment on the post.

“You are an angel,” Nany Gonzalez commented, also including a heart emoji.

amanda garcia and nany gonzalez comment to challenge superfan on ig
Pic credit: @dontbiteyourtongue_/Instagram

Based on the Instagram page Tommy is tagged with, he’s a member of the band, Don’t Bite Your Tongue. The group’s tour dates reveal they played a show in Orlando, Florida, before heading off to a show in Atlanta, Georgia, scheduled for Sunday (Dec. 12).

It appears other superfans now have their work cut out for them to prove their level of fandom. However, another fan may exist out there with a full-body sheet of tattoos showing off many of The Challenge stars from past and present.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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