The Challenge Season 37, Episode 8 synopsis: Rookie plans to ‘detonate’ Vet alliance, Berna calls out rivals

berna canbeldek in the challenge spies lies and allies episode 7
Rookie Berna Canbeldek will call out her rivals in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 8. Pic credit: MTV

The veteran alliance has been a major force in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, with rookies getting eliminated individually or in pairs each episode.

However, it appears that things could be starting to change with Episode 8 of the season, as a rookie plan could start to take shape to shake things up.

In addition, one rookie, in particular, seems to have had enough of her critics and will call out several castmates based on the upcoming episode’s synopsis.

The Challenge Season 37, Episode 8 synopsis released

The rookies have been having issues surviving in the game, despite pairing up with veteran castmates for Spies, Lies & Allies. That’s because the vets formed a truce to not send each other in until all of the rookies were eliminated.

Several rookies have tried to get something going to challenge that, including Michaela Bradshaw and Kelz Dyke, but both got sent to elimination and lost. Now, it looks like another rookie will try to hatch a plan to disrupt things.

The Episode 8 synopsis (shown below) indicates “one Rookie comes up with a plan to detonate the Veteran’s stronghold.” It’s unknown which rookie that is, although a few options might include Hughie Maughan and Berna Canbeldek.

That said, all of the rookies must realize they’re probably targets in the vets’ plan, including Priscilla Anyabu, Logan Sampedro, and Bettina Buchanan.

Speaking of Berna, the synopsis specifically mentions that she’ll have a key role in the upcoming episode. It says she’ll be calling out “all of her rivals in an explosive manner.”

She’s already been speaking about Double Agents champ Amber Borzotra in confessionals and wasn’t too happy with what occurred in Episode 7 as Emy Alupei stole her teammate, CT Tamburello.

Keep in mind, castmates Amanda Garcia and Ashley Mitchell haven’t seemed to get along with Berna either. Will those be the individuals she calls out, or are there others?

Who’s left for rookies and veterans in Season 37?

Viewers also recently saw the Big Brother alliance’s blowup in Episodes 6 and 7, with repercussions in the latter episode.

Fessy Shafaat got kicked off the show for putting his hand on Josh Martinez’s face. Josh got rather loud during the fight, shoved away Fessy’s hand, and even threw a cup at his face. According to Fessy in an interview, the cup Josh threw at him split his chin, so others thought Josh might get kicked off for that.

Josh also continued to erupt after Fessy was removed from the scene, yelling at other castmates, including Kaycee Clark and Amanda Garcia. Despite his actions, Josh was allowed to stay in the game with a warning from TJ Lavin. He’s still there and teamed up with Ashley Mitchell, who was quiet during all of the chaos.

Josh’s former partner Amber was who he was sticking up for during the argument. She chose to team with Devin Walker after winning the elimination in Episode 4.

Meanwhile, Emy Alupei achieved her second elimination win in Episode 7 and chose to steal CT as her new teammate. That left Hughie Maughan and Berna Canbeldek each without a partner, so they’re now teammates.

Among the other teams are the recent Agency members, Kaycee and Emanuel Neagu, Tori Deal with rookie Ed Eason, Logan with Nany Gonzalez, Bettina with Cory Wharton, Big T with Jeremiah White, and Priscilla with Nelson Thomas.

As the game moves forward, Amanda Garcia and Kyle Christie are the only other veteran-veteran pair besides Amber and Devin. It would seem the rookies have something on the way to target the vets, though. Will another veteran find themself thrown in at The Lair in Episode 8?

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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