The Challenge rumors: Johnny Bananas allegedly seen making out with Big Brother star

johnny bananas in the challenge usa 2 final
Johnny Bananas appeared on The Challenge: USA 2 with several Big Brother stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas may have sworn off showmances, but it may not mean he’ll stay away from romances with castmates off the show.

While on Ride or Dies, he got into a showmance with rookie Nurys Mateo, who came to The Challenge with her friend Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat.

While they may have dated for a while after filming ended, things seemingly ended between them. Bananas was rumored to have unfollowed his showmance due to cheating rumors, which arrived during her filming MTV’s Season 39, aka Battle For a New Champion.

When he returned for CBS’ The Challenge: USA 2, Bananas indicated he wouldn’t be involved in any more showmances during his time on the competition show.

Several of his castmates had showmances, including his friend Tori Deal and several of the Big Brother stars.

Now speculation has popped up that the seven-time champion of MTV’s competition series was “making out” with one of the stars of Big Brother from his USA 2 season.

Rumors swirl about Bananas’ making out’ with castmate

In addition to his recent appearances on The Challenge: Ride or Dies, The Challenge: World Championship, and The Challenge: USA 2, Bananas is also in the cast for the reality show House of Villains.

The E! show featuring some of reality TV’s biggest villains of all time is three episodes deep. It features several women Bananas teased he might have possible showmances with during the season, including The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios.

It’s unclear if anything happened with Bananas and his House of Villains interests. However, at a recent watch party for the show, an anonymous individual claims to have seen him making out with Big Brother’s Alyssa Snider.

According to someone with the username @soniccorndog, Alyssa wasn’t among the listed guests for Bananas’ watch party, but she showed up.

The individual claimed to have seen Alyssa and Bananas talking at different parts of the night. The online individual alleged that later, they witnessed “the end of a peck kiss.”

Later in the evening, @soniccorndog claimed they saw “full on making out” between the two reality TV stars.

Alyssa, 25, appeared on Big Brother 24 and was in a showmance with Kyle Capener. They eventually split after the season, and Alyssa moved on to another project with The Challenge: USA 2. During the CBS spinoff, she was featured in a showmance with Big Brother’s Tyler Crispen.

Tyler had previously been with BB’s Angela Rummans, and the two were engaged at one point. However, their engagement eventually broke off, and they split.

After filming, Alyssa and Tyler said in interviews that they’d since stopped dating and would remain great friends while they healed from previous relationships.

Interactions between Bananas and Alyssa during USA 2 were presented as friendly. In one scene with the cast, Bananas and his friend Wes Bergmann convinced their co-star Tyler to kiss Alyssa at a bar one night, helping with their showmance.

Fans react to Bananas and Big Brother star

As of this report, the “making out” between Alyssa and Bananas is merely speculative, as no videos or photos were provided anywhere that show the couple kissing.

However, many fans reacted to the tweeted rumor with their thoughts about the 41-year-old Challenge star potentially “making out” with the 25-year-old Big Brother star.

“Alyssa securing her callback. City girls up up up,” one individual commented.

Another suggested that Bananas had “found his next victim” from reality TV stars to date.

One commenter brought up how Bananas was part of “setting [Alyssa] up with Tyler” during USA 2 “just to bag her later down the line.”

bananas and alyssa snider rumor reaction
Fans react to the rumors. Pic credit: @percievenugget/Twitter

Another individual mentioned that “Alyssa’s standards are crazy low” due to her showmance with Kyle and her recent rumored situation with Bananas.

At this point, it’s unclear if it was just two reality TV co-stars at a party having fun or if this might lead to something further away from the show they just appeared on.

Currently, the anonymous individual’s online comments are unsubstantiated, so take the rumors with a grain of salt.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: USA 2 episodes are available on Paramount+.

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7 months ago

Moriah was the person that showed up on Ride or Dies with Fessy.
Nurys was with Nelson.

7 months ago

It wasn’t Nurys he had a thing with Moria. Nurys was Nellys partner.