The Challenge’s Tori Deal talks about her retirement and teases Season 39 drama

tori deal from the challenge usa 2 elimination confessional
Tori Deal has become a popular cast choice for The Challenge in recent seasons. Pic credit: Paramount=

Tori Deal recently wrapped up another appearance in The Challenge and another in a Challenge final.

However, the MTV Ride or Dies champion could not win another season, albeit a spinoff version with The Challenge: USA 2 on CBS.

Instead, she was bested by Survivor’s Desi Williams, who won the season with fellow Survivor star Chris Underwood.

Tori was also defeated by castmates Chanelle Howell and Michaela Bradshaw, who finished ahead of her in the events.

Soon, fans will see her on The Challenge again on Battle for a New Season; only she’ll be a mercenary showing up for one elimination.

She recently commented on the drama she’s involved in, as teased in a Season 39 trailer, and whether she plans to retire soon like her castmate.

Tori talks about retiring from The Challenge

Since Tori’s castmate, Wes Bergmann, announced his retirement from The Challenge after his exit from the USA 2 spinoff, others might be considering their retirement.

That’s not the case with Tori, as she doesn’t plan to stop soon. She said she started at 23 and is now 30, whereas Wes and other castmates are at or near 40.

“I have a lot more in the tank, and I’m at a really cool spot now where I obviously would love to take a break when the time comes, but I’m not doing 39, so it does feel like a break. And I’m working on my personal projects in the off-season,” she told TV Insider.

“So it fits into my life nicely, being able to go on there and compete and just express myself in that powerful role, but then come home and work on my personal projects. I don’t really see myself stopping until I’m pregnant and I don’t even have a boyfriend,” she shared.

Tori mentioned that her reality TV career began at 23 when she debuted on MTV’s Are You the One? before moving on to The Challenge: Dirty 30. Since then, she’s become a regular and familiar face that some love seeing return each season, and others seemingly love to hate.

Tori claimed her first championship alongside her friend Devin Walker on MTV’s Season 38, aka Ride or Dies. She and Devin will return on Season 39, but only for brief appearances to compete in one elimination against a main cast member.

Tori teases drama with Season 39 appearance

Tori’s Season 39 appearance on MTV may not just involve her winning or losing an elimination. She said that since she was going in for just one elimination, it made a difference in her outlook.

She previously appeared in the Vendettas season as a Mercenary and was one of the losing competitors. She said she wasn’t too worried about this appearance and also brought a “newfound confidence” with her after being in so many seasons.

“I was just like, ‘Listen, I’ve already lost as a mercenary. Worst-case scenario, I lose again as a mercenary, might as well just go in there and try and just shake some s**t up and see if I just look at everyone in their eyes kind of thing.’ It was a cool experience,” she shared.

Viewers saw her telling her Ride or Dies castmate, Moriah Jadea, “What the f*** Moriah? This isn’t good” in a Season 39 preview clip, and Tori may have teased what that’s all about.

“There was some stuff that I had heard going on in the house from people who had already gone in as mercenaries and people who had gotten eliminated. I heard there were a lot of hookups. I heard that people stop being friends that you would’ve never expected. I think, ultimately, it’s going to be really interesting to watch,” she said.

One of those “hookups” might have involved someone “cheating” on one of Tori’s friends. Viewers will soon see what happens with Moriah and how it impacts things in the game and a relationship outside the game.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion premiers Wednesday, October 25 at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: USA 2 episodes are available on Paramount+.

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