The Challenge: Alyssa Snider gives update on status with Tyler Crispen after USA 2 showmance

alyssa snider from the challenge usa 2
Alyssa Snider said she and Tyler Crispen are taking time to heal after their showmane on The Challenge: USA 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

On The Challenge: USA 2, Alyssa Snider and Tyler Crispen connected, enjoying a reality TV showmance.

That showmance was featured in multiple episodes, as Alyssa found comfort with Tyler as she struggled with some of the mentally challenging aspects of the game.

That was especially true in Episode 10 as she faced her first elimination, knowing it could end her time on The Challenge spinoff.

She’d face Survivor star Cassidy Clark at The Arena, with both women putting up a serious fight to keep their spot in the game.

However, Cassidy ultimately won her second elimination, ending Alyssa’s time on the show and her showmance with Tyler.

The former Big Brother star recently spoke about where things stand with Tyler after their time together on USA 2.

Are Alyssa and Tyler still together after The Challenge?

With Alyssa and Tyler appearing on previous seasons of Big Brother, each had showmances on that CBS show, so it wasn’t their first rodeo with reality TV.

While it appeared they really connected on The Challenge: USA 2, Alyssa revealed in a post-elimination episode interview that they decided to remain friends after filming the show as they each did some “healing.”

“Getting back in the real world, we did realize I was on two shows in one year. I was in a relationship from Big Brother. You got a lot of healing to do, and I think Tyler does in his own life as well. So we’re like, ‘I would rather like heal separately and be friends for forever or see what happens in the future than rush into something right now,'” she said.

When reminded that she called Tyler “one of the most amazing parts” of her experience on The Challenge: USA 2, Alyssa elaborated on what he means in her life.

“Pushing myself to my limits was definitely like a very beautiful part of it, but having Tyler in there was incredible. He’s someone I know that I’ll have in my life forever, but definitely we need some time right now,” she said.

Both Alyssa and Tyler had previous showmances with fellow Big Brother stars. Alyssa had a showmance on her Big Brother season with Kyle Capener, while Tyler met and dated Angela Rummans from the show.

Tyler’s relationship with Angela lasted longer, as they were together for several years and even engaged, but ultimately split. The good news is that it seems he and Alyssa found a solid connection on The Challenge, and it could lead to something more in the future if they decide to pursue it again.

Alyssa revealed she also had an ‘amazing relationship’ with MTV vet

While Alyssa found a new showmance with Tyler, she also found new friends in some of her other CBS and MTV castmates. In particular, she spoke about how her top allies and friends were Big Brother stars Ameerah Jones and Alyssa Lopez.

Unfortunately, both of them were eliminated, leaving her without numbers, and it came down to just her and Tyler as newer Big Brother players. Alyssa also revealed that retiring MTV star Wes Bergmann was one of her roommates during The Challenge: USA 2.

“Wes was also my roommate. We had an amazing relationship. He was like giving my dad vibes. He was like, ‘You better be in bed by 10 tonight because lights will be out!’ So we had like such a good relationship,” she shared.

Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t necessarily make her an ally with the MTV vets due to how she was viewed as a rookie on The Challenge.

“There wasn’t anything I really could have done because, from the start, I was seen as the emotional player, the weak player. I tried with Tori [Deal] even after she [nominated] me with Tyler..but it was like too little too late,” Alyssa said.

She indicated that Michaela Bradshaw and Michele Fitzgerald have already gained experience playing The Challenge, which made it easier for the vets to work with them instead of newer players like her and Tyler.

When asked about returning to The Challenge again, Alyssa said she went “back and forth” about that in her head. However, she said she realized after the fight she put up in the elimination that she has that fighter inside and would definitely go on the show again.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge Season 39 premieres on Wednesday, October 25 on MTV.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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