The Challenge: USA 2 spoilers: Who goes home in the Episode 10 elimination results?

faysal fessy shafaat at the arena for the challenge usa 2
Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat watches an elimination take place at The Arena in The Challenge: USA 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: USA 2 is moving closer each episode to crowning new champions for the CBS spinoff show.

In Season 1, Survivor’s Sarah Lacina and Danny McCray were crowned the USA winners. A significant difference with this second season is that the champions could come from MTV rather than CBS shows like Big Brother or Survivor.

As of Episode 10, some savvy and experienced MTV stars remain in the game, with a few being multi-time champions of the competition series.

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In particular, Tori Deal and Weston Bergmann are recent winners of various Challenge shows. MTV legend Johnny Bananas is the all-time winningest competitor from the series with seven championships.

However, Big Brother and Survivor players remain and are looking to stake their claim to Challenge glory by winning the final and big prize money.

Based on The Challenge: USA 2 spoilers, Episode 10 could feature an MTV fan-favorite player getting sent home in a mysterious and possibly epic fashion.

At least one of The Challenge: USA 2 competitors will enter their second elimination

So far this season, most of the cast members have been in one elimination and no more. However, that will change when USA 2’s Episode 10 arrives.

Forum spoilers arrived during the show’s filming and revealed elimination results months ago, which were mostly accurate.

There was a key difference last week, as the Vevmo thread indicated that Tyler Crispen eliminated Sebastian Noel when Survivor’s Chris Underwood took him out.

For this week’s elimination, it looks like MTV vet Wes Bergmann is headed back down to The Arena sand to fight for his survival in the game. He previously competed against Amazing Race star Dusty Harris, defeating him in a super-close timed event.

That particular episode also featured the first news of Wes retiring from The Challenge after USA 2. The longtime reality TV star said he wanted to focus on his family and businesses. In addition, he mentioned castmates who were talking badly about him in interviews.

The USA 2 spoiler results indicate that Wes is getting sent home this week, much to the dismay of his friends and fans. That said, a mystery remains as to which competitor will oust the two-time MTV Challenge champ from the game.

It’s possible he will go against either Tyler or Chris, as both seem like weak links in terms of remaining competitors as far as allies. However, Survivor and Big Brother players could target another vet, such as Josh Martinez, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, or Cory Wharton.

Sneak peek for Episode 10 possibly spoiled elimination matchup

The title for Episode 10 will be A Less Perfect Union, which could relate to Wes’ relationship with his MTV castmates. While previous installments of The Challenge had a synopsis available, Episode 10 has no additional details hinting at its storylines.

After Episode 9, a preview trailer arrived for the next episode of The Challenge: USA 2. A voiceover from host TJ Lavin said, “Challengers will have to face their fears or risk elimination.” Footage showed competitors jumping off a platform into the water below, and Fessy spoke about being nervous with this one.

Another preview scene may have given away the elimination matchup with Chris shown in a room, possibly talking to Survivor’s Michele Fitzgerald about putting Bananas against Wes at The Arena.

One other possibility for the new episode could be a double elimination. Based on the Vevmo forum spoilers, six players will be eliminated before, and possibly during, the USA 2 final. The IMDb episode listings reveal three additional episodes, starting with Episode 10, so that doesn’t leave much room to get rid of six people and run a final.

The Challenge: USA airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge Season 39 premieres Wednesday, October 25 at 8/7c on MTV.

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