The Challenge: USA 2 spoilers: Who goes home in Episode 9 elimination at The Arena?

chris underwood in the challenge usa 2
Chris Underwood watches an elimination event in The Challenge: USA 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: USA 2 has moved closer to the final in Croatia, as competitors are now on their own rather than working in teams.

Toward the end of Episode 6, host TJ Lavin revealed it would now be an individual game rather than one featuring teams.

There are still alliances, including a newer super alliance formed with Johnny Bananas, Tori Deal, and Survivor stars Michaela Bradshaw, Desi Williams, and Chanelle Howell.

There’s also still voting, and numbers can be tough to overcome. As it stands, Survivor is still strong, with Big Brother’s numbers dwindling.

Episode 7 featured two of BB’s former contestants battling it out in a grueling elimination event that lasted over three hours.

Ultimately, Tyler Crispen sent his friend and ally Monte Taylor home, reducing the Big Brother players to himself, Alyssa Snider, Josh Martinez, and Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat.

Who goes home in Episode 9 elimination for USA 2?

With the arrival of Episode 9, viewers have just four more installments of the USA 2 spinoff. That means more eliminations on the way ahead of the season’s grand finale.

Tyler went into Episode 8’s elimination, and based on the online spoilers, he’s going back down into The Arena for Episode 9. However, this time, he takes on one of Survivor’s competitors.

Tori’s showmance, Sebastian Noel, will go up against Tyler. However, it’s unclear which of these two men’s competitors gets voted in and which is drawn randomly from The Hopper.

Remember that Tyler has a showmance with Alyssa. They were both up for elimination in Episode 8, thanks to Tori and Bananas’ decision to put them in. So they might be looking to get revenge against Tori by somehow making sure it’s Sebastian in the elimination.

It’s unknown which event they’ll compete in, but based on the Vevmo forum spoilers, Tyler will win his second-straight elimination at The Arena to stay in the game.

What else happens in The Challenge: USA 2 episode?

Episode 9 is called “Enemy of the State” and will feature several Survivor stars among the key players for the episode’s storylines.

“Michaela sets her sights on a fellow “Survivor” player who could be a threat to her game,” a synopsis at IMDB reads.

MTV’s @thechallenge Instagram page also shared a sneak peek clip from the episode featuring Sebastian and Tori cuddling in bed. The Challenge: Ride or Dies winner admits they’re “getting closer and closer” in a confessional.

“Of course, as a Challenge champ, I wanted to come in and prove to myself I could do it again, but winning $250,000 would be amazing,” she says.

Tori indicates in her confessional that if she won the money, she’d take it home to help her nephews, niece, and sister out.

“I’m also writing a kids’ book and doing other things, too,” she reveals.

Sebastian and Tori aren’t the only ones featured in the clip. Fessy is also shown and talks about how much easier it is to “pass the days by when you got someone to cuddle with” in The Challenge house.

“Tori has been down this road before, and it hasn’t ended well for her,” Fessy says in his confessional.

That could be Fessy referring to Tori’s situations with himself, Jordan Wiseley, and Emanuel Neagu during Challenge seasons.

The clip closes with Fessy suggesting Sebastian will “attach himself to Tori” and it’s “not good for their games.”

Based on the spoiler results, the above clip foreshadows what’s to come for The Challenge rookie as he’ll get sent home from USA 2, Episode 9.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion premieres Wednesday, October 25 at 8/7c on MTV.

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