Exclusive interview: Jordan Wiseley talks racing, winning on The Challenge and whether he’ll be back

Jordan Wiseley on The Challenge.
Jordan Wiseley is one of the most competitive people to win The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Jordan Wiseley has won The Challenge four times now, making him the third-highest earner in the show’s history.

He’s also among the most competitive men to compete in the MTV hit, easily putting him on our Mount Rushmore of best The Challenge players.

Those who follow his career know that Jordan is an intense competitor, which is why his pivot to racing seems like a no-brainer.

We’re just waiting to hear about his big wins on the race track now too, and Jordan is driven enough to start getting those wins too, but for now, he’s still pretty new to the sport.

Monsters and Critics caught up with Jordan for a quick chat between projects, and he had a lot to say about racing, The Challenge, and how he approaches both.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows him that he’s got a plan to win. As he put it, he’s already mastered the use of his body, and now, he’s working on mastering his car too.

Jordan Wiseley isn’t tired of winning The Challenge

One of the first things we couldn’t resist asking Jordan is whether he’s tired of winning yet. Of course, the answer is no. As Jordan put it, “You know what comes with winning is a nice check!”

And despite switching gears to pursue a career in racing, he’s not done winning yet. Jordan made it very clear that he will come back to compete again, and he always has his eye on the prize.

He also told us that he’s much better at winning The Challenge than winning races, but that’s fair because he’s been on the competition show 10 times now and is much newer to the racing circuit.

Jordan Wiseley reveals which reality competitions he would do

Jordan is laser-focused and would likely win, or at least compete at a high level, in anything he chooses to do. That’s why we had to ask him what other reality competitions he’d be interested in doing in the future.

Don’t expect to see him on America’s Got Talent or Dancing with the Stars. That’s not the kind of competition Jordan is into. But if a survival show like Bear Grylls’ You vs. Wild or History’s Alone came calling, we might just see Jordan out there conquering the wilderness. That would be a treat!

To see our interview with The Challenge star Jordan Wiseley, check out the video below.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus.

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