The Challenge rumors: Big Brother star Derek Frazier calls out the show for possibly not casting him

derek frazier during big brother 23 on cbs
Big Brother’s Derek Frazier is calling out casting for The Challenge in some since-deleted tweets. Pic credit: @BigBrother/YouTube

While The Challenge originally started with cast members from MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules, it’s expanded over its 38 seasons to include people from reality TV shows on CBS, Netflix, and HBO.

In particular, CBS has brought the show several champions from the world of Big Brother. Amber Borzotra and Kaycee Clark have won The Challenge within the past few seasons alongside former Real Worlder CT Tamburello.

Other Big Brother stars who have appeared in recent seasons include Paulie Calafiore, Natalie Negrotti, Analyse Talavera, Tommy Bracco, Fessy Shafaat, and Josh Martinez.

Kaycee, Paulie, and Fessy have appeared in several finals, showing that some of the stars from the CBS show have what it takes to compete with the MTV stars.

However, not only have BB cast members shown up on the MTV show, but a spinoff launched in 2022 called The Challenge: USA, which only featured stars from CBS shows. Big Brother was prominent there, with multiple competitors appearing in the first season.

Most likely, more players from Big Brother will arrive on The Challenge, but Season 23 Houseguest Derek Frazier has said why he thinks he may get passed over when it comes to the casting.

Derek Frazier comments about getting passed over for The Challenge

In what appears to be since-deleted tweets, the former Big Brother 23 star called out The Challenge for not casting him due to his size.

Screenshots of Derek’s original messages arrived on the Challenge superfan account @thechallengeshaderoom, showing his comments on the matter.

“At this point, I haven’t spoke my mind in awhile but read between the lines. If I am not on the upcoming seasons of a ‘competition show’ just know it’s because I am a big guy,” he tweeted, adding, “There’s no other reason. It’s sad because nothing has changed in this reality TV world.”

derek frazier comments about not being cast for the challenge
Big Brother star Derek Frazier comments on possibly not getting on The Challenge. Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Someone replied to Derek’s original tweet suggesting that there had been “big ppl” on the show in recent seasons. However, Derek offered a rebuttal to that.

“Please name someone over 300 pounds besides big easy. I mean big person like sza said ‘I need a big boy,'” Derek replied, referencing MTV star Eric “Big Easy” Banks, who returned for the first season of The Challenge: All Stars.

big brother star derek frazier comments about the challenge casting
Big Brother star Derek Frazier addresses possibly not getting on The Challenge. Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Derek’s been busy at the gym ahead of potential casting

In recent rumors, availability calls have started for MTV’s The Challenge Season 39. As fans know, seasons don’t only feature returning cast members but also rookies, so that could put Derek among potential candidates.

Based on his recent social media, he’s been hard at work at the gym, so he may be doing all he can to get onto the show.

“I workout to burn off the crazy,” he wrote in a tweet along with gym photos on Friday, February 24.

Derek famously appeared as part of The Cookout alliance during his season of Big Brother, which helped alliance member Xavier Prather win the season. Xavier was one of several individuals from this alliance who appeared in CBS’ The Challenge: USA last season, along with Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, and Tiffany Mitchell.

A second season of The Challenge: USA is rumored to be on the way, with Monsters and Critics reporting about some of the Big Brother stars who could be on the show. Derek’s name has yet to be mentioned in any rumors.

Rumors suggest that the second season’s cast could also include stars from MTV’s The Challenge. Filming is expected to begin in March, so stay tuned to see who is part of the show’s competitors.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday, March 1, at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: World Championship premieres Wednesday, March 8, on Paramount Plus.

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