The Challenge: Nelson Thomas defends Ride or Dies castmate, praises Wes Bergmann after Episode 7

nelson thomas in the challenge ride or dies episode 7
Nelson Thomas in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 7 interrogations. Pic credit: MTV

After recent events aired in The Challenge: Ride or Dies season, Nelson Thomas is defending one castmate and praising another.

In Episode 7 of MTV’s Ride or Dies, Nelson found himself in an interesting spot as he attempted to navigate all of his connections in the game.

It led to some dramatic moments between castmates, including accusations that Devin Walker might be the “biggest snake” in the house and that he was manipulating castmates.

Following the episode, Nelson came to Devin’s defense in a series of tweets, bringing up their loyalty to each other since their previous reality TV show.

Not only that, he handed out praise for Wes Bergmann, who isn’t even part of the Ride or Dies cast, but had an impact on Nelson’s gameplay.

This report will contain spoilers from MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies season.

Nelson Thomas faced tough Ride or Dies decisions

MTV aired Ride or Dies Episode 7 on Wednesday, November 23, and it was an explosive episode featuring castmates arguing about perceived loyalty, alliances, and snakes in the game.

Nelson and his teammate Nurys won the daily challenge, making them safe from elimination, but they also had to choose four other teams for The Zone. With that, Nelson consulted Devin about what to do and got his advice.

Nelson and Nurys chose Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez, as well as Veronica Portillo with Darrell Taylor, Jordan Wiseley with Aneesa Ferreira, and Amber Borzotra with Chauncey Palmer.

That upset Amber as she felt betrayed since she believed she and Nelson were close friends and allies in the house. It also led to accusations that Devin was calling the shots for Nelson and that Devin was “the biggest snake” in the house.

There were several dramatic confrontations, including Devin accusing castmate Michele Fitzgerald of lying and Nelson asking Amber and Chauncey about their allies in the game. Amber maintained that Devin was feeding Nelson lies to believe about her and Chauncey.

It all led to Amber and Chauncey ending up in an elimination matchup against Darrell and Veronica. Amber won the event, feeling happy about the win but sad about eliminating her teammate and mentor from Double Agents, Darrell.

Nelson defends Devin Walker, praises Wes Bergmann

Following the episode, Nelson fired off several tweets to give more insight into the “Master plan” for how he and Nurys won the daily event called Peaking Blinders. He credited his castmate, Wes Bergmann, with teaching him a strategy where one individual remembers shapes, and the other recalls colors.

Nelson also talked about his situation with Devin and defended him from accusations he “manipulated” others in the house.

“@MTVDevin Walker never manipulated anyone. He was in my top 5. The history runs deep aka ayto3,” Nelson tweeted, referring to Are You The One? 3, which he and Devin got their starts on.

Devin replied, “Nelson and I came into this show together and I’m fkn with him for life.”

nelson thomas tweets about castmates the challenge
Pic credit: @_nelsonthomas/Twitter

Nelson comments about other Ride or Dies teams

In another series of tweets, Nelson addressed his situations with Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat and other castmates. He indicated he was working with Fessy during Ride or Dies, and Fessy’s team was winning challenges.

Nelson also addressed his situation with Nany and Bananas. During the episode, Bananas said he understood why Nelson targeted them and felt Devin was behind it. However, Nany was unhappy with Nelson during interrogation, suggesting he was like a brother to her in The Challenge family.

“The only reason @johnnybananas Bananas and Nany were down there is because Bananas and I got into it last week, and I didn’t know if I could trust him,” Nelson tweeted.

“I had no idea where #nany head was, but I should’ve talked to her first aka sister. Congrats to @amberborzotra and #herman for winning tonight’s elimination,” Nelson wrote, also mentioning he would go on IG Live with his teammate Nurys later.

the challenge nelson tweets about castmates
Pic credit: @_nelsonthomas/Twitter

As with previous episodes, the teams selected for potential elimination were mostly unhappy, but that’s been the nature of this game. The winners of each Ride or Dies daily challenge get to pick four teams to send down at The Zone and ultimately choose one of them to go into the elimination matchup.

The other team threes participate in The Draw, where the team that pulls the “Safe” dagger from the rock is safe and can save one other team. For the second time this season, Nany and Bananas drew that dagger, saving themselves, and in Episode 7, they also saved Jordan and Aneesa.

That set the stage for Amber to face off against her mentor Darrell. She and her boyfriend Chauncey defeated The Challenge OG and his teammate Veronica in Deep Web.

Now Amber and Chauncey return to the house after what they felt was a blindside. Ride or Dies’ latest episode definitely set the stage for some interesting conflicts between castmates, as everyone’s still trying to win their share of the million-dollar prize.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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