The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 3 recap: Faysal still ‘Messy Fessy’ and elimination shows contenders

faysal shafaat in the challenge ride or dies episode 3
Faysal Shafaat during Episode 3 of The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

At the start of Ride or Dies Episode 3, host TJ Lavin had just introduced Jordan Wiseley as a surprise competitor. He brought out Jordan’s teammate, Aneesa Ferreira. He referred to Jordan and Aneesa as “two iconic players” and said some might call them “frenemies.”

Jordan admitted in confessional that seeing his ex-fiancee Tori Deal brought all sorts of feelings back after their breakup. Tori said it had been a year and a half since they’d seen one another in her confessional.

The next day, Johnny Bananas spoke with Jordan about how some rookies were teaming up with Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald. Bananas said he was glad to have another vet there with Jordan.

In a confessional, Faysal Shafaat talked about how he was trying to stay under the radar. He revealed his allies were Kaycee Clark, her brother Kenny, and Nelson Thomas with his partner Nurys Mateo.

Ravyn Rochelle, Johnny Middlebrooks, and Nurys Mateo seemed to be on the same page and getting along. However, Ravyn still wanted Johnny to work on building their team chemistry, even as he pursued Nurys.

Tori admitted in confessional she hooked up with Fessy out of spite after breaking up with Jordan. Now she sees Fessy as a “walking, moving mistake.”

Aneesa said she was looking out for Tori and her teammate Jordan but was worried about how they’d play the game with all the emotions. Tori and Aneesa talked about the situation with Jordan. Tori said again that being on antidepressants has helped her better handle everything.

Fessy spoke to Kaycee about using his real first name Faysal, rather than Fessy. He said his name means “the decision maker” in Arabic, and he’s now using his real name on his Challenge helmet and jersey. Kaycee said, “Messy Fessy” has retired. However, Bananas said in confessional that’s not true.

Bananas said Laurel Stucky and Michele have been “in and out of Fessy’s bed” and that he’s also been pursuing rookies Colleen Schneider and Analyse Talavera.

Players compete in Build Me Up

For Build Me Up, the teammates had to transport heavy barrels across a field and stack them up at a station. Once they’d stacked all barrels for a station, they’d set off a flare to finish. They had three stations to complete, and the first team to do so would win.

Faysal Shafaat and Moriah Jadea looked strong early as they completed their first station ahead of the other duos. Tori and Devin also showed a solid performance. Jay Starrett commented about how he and Michele Fitzgerald desperately needed to win to avoid elimination.

There were two heats, with different teams in each heat. It was a timed event, so the fastest team between the two heats won. Faysal and Moriah won the first heat, with Faysal praising his teammate for not quitting. Tommy Bracco and Analyse finished last.

The winners of the second heat were Ravyn and Johnny. Devin Walker and Faysal admitted in confessionals that the teams of Johnny with Ravyn and Horacio Gutierrez with Olivia Kaiser were dangerous rookie squads.

TJ revealed that one team completed the daily challenge quicker than the rest: Faysal and Moriah. That was good news for the vets, as the rookies didn’t have power over the elimination decision.

Interrogations, team strategies, and club convos

After the daily challenge, Analyse was upset about possibly going in, but her teammate tried to make her feel better.

For deliberation, Faysal and Moriah chose Ravyn with Johnny, Analyse with Tommy, Olivia with Horacio, and Colleen with Kim Tranka.

During interrogation, Johnny tried to make a deal with Faysal so he wouldn’t make them their top pick to throw in. He especially didn’t want to face Olivia and Horacio.

The cast went out to have fun at the club before elimination. Rookies strategized, but there was also some drama going on.

Tommy and Analyse attempted to make deals with two other teams: Kim and Colleen and Horacio and Oliva.

Ravyn confronted Johnny at the club about disrespecting her in the house by pursuing Nurys. Ravyn eventually walked away, upset.

Tori talked to Jordan, saying she wanted him to know how much healing she’s done since they’d been apart, and she still loved him as a person. She said they were both different people now and apologized for what she’d put him through. They hugged it out in an emotional scene.

Colleen told Kim the next day she’d talk to Faysal about sparing them from elimination. He told them they’re not really on his radar at the moment.

Who went home in Ride or Dies Episode 3?

At The Zone, TJ called out the four teams to join him. Faysal and Moriah chose Johnny and Ravyn to go into the elimination. The other three teams had to participate in The Draw.

Tommy and Analyse pulled the “Safe” dagger and were safe from elimination. They chose to save Kim and Colleen, sending Horacio and Olivia into the elimination. Olivia said it was clear a deal meant nothing.

They competed in Double Decker, a variation of Hall Brawl. It was two halls stacked on top of one another. The bottom hall featured competitors rushing to a bar in the center.

Pushing one’s opponent back with the bar far enough would open a door for their teammate in the upper hall, giving them a head start to push the bar and their opponent back. The object was to push the upper opponent past a certain point to win.

It was best-of-three rounds. The first round featured Horacio winning the lower level. Ravyn lost her shoes and the upper level, so Olivia and Horacio won the first round. Ravyn said she was only playing the game for herself now because of how disrespected she felt by her teammate.

double decker elimination event from ride or dies episode 3
A look at the Double Decker elimination event from Ride or Dies Episode 3. Pic credit: MTV

Despite Horacio getting a headstart from Olivia in the second round, Johnny used all his might on the upper level to push Horacio back, tying it up at 1-1.

It came down to the third round, and Johnny fell at the start. Horacio gave Olivia another headstart on the upper level, and she charged forward like a bull shoving Ravyn backward for the win. With that, Ravyn and Johnny got eliminated, while Horacio and Olivia are now 2-0 in eliminations.

Nurys was upset to see Johnny go. He said in confessional that after Nurys finished filming, they’d “link up.”

Horacio and Olivia’s win had Tommy and Analyse worried about how they’d clean up their mess since they’d made a deal with them earlier and gone back on it.

As the episode ended, TJ had another surprise. He called out a new team, and footage showed two mysterious figures entering The Zone.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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