The Challenge: Laurel Stucky and Rachel Robinson blast Wes Bergmann for treatment of castmates

laurel stucky at the challenge ride or dies reunion special
The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky was one of several of Wes Bergmann’s former castmates to comment about his treatment of others on the show. Pic credit: MTV

Several of Wes Bergmann’s castmates from MTV’s The Challenge called out his behavior and treatment of other castmates during their time on the reality TV show.

In particular, former champions Rachel Robinson and Laurel Stucky took to social media to express their opinions about Wes, a two-time champion of the MTV competition show and recent winner of the All Stars 3 spinoff.

It began with a superfan account tweeting that Wes is “one of the most sneakiest, narcissistic, persuasive men to ever compete on this show.”

They brought up Wes throwing castmate Dee Nguyen out of his house during a social media argument with castmates Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. That situation involved Dee’s firing from MTV.

Several years ago, Dee was fired from MTV due to insensitive social media comments she made about Black Lives Matter during the airing of Total Madness.

According to People, Dee was staying with Wes in 2020, but he kicked her out after learning of her controversy. However, he reportedly helped Dee find mental health help and another place to live.

The superfan also included a quick clip of Kam Williams from a Final Reckoning elimination event, saying, “Karma always wins. I’m sorry.”

Another fan replied with a screenshot of an Instagram Story recently posted by Wes’ wife Amanda (below). She spoke of her husband’s various positive qualities and how well he’s treated castmates in his “20+ years on The Challenge” and mentioned they were “very grateful” for the people who support them.

wes wife amanda posts on instagram story about husband and castmates
Pic credit: @nomastayinkc/Instagram

It’s worth noting that Wes has a subscriber-based Patreon where he gives exclusive video chats related to The Challenge, with his wife sometimes joining him for these discussions. He mentioned that he would have more details about USA 2, Episode 6, and his retirement decision on the Patreon.

Rachel and Laurel blast Wes over ‘soda’ and other incidents on The Challenge

Two of Wes’ castmates, Rachel and Laurel, entered the discussion, although neither appeared with him in his most recent Challenge seasons.

Rachel last appeared in MTV’s Battle of the Exes in 2012, featuring Wes in the cast. She mentioned an incident earlier in Wes’ Challenge career where he dumped a bottle of soda on castmate Cara Maria Sorbello.

A clip below shows Cara confronting Wes for his treatment of her on The Challenge: Rivals.

“What about when he pours the soda on Caras head,” Rachel tweeted, adding, “Saw that the other day he should of been thrown out of the house for that.or when he threatens Derrick’s family in elimination (against Neh) – trust when you a rich (outside the show) you aren’t coming back season after season.”

Rachel’s other incident she referenced was Wes yelling and trash-talking castmate Derrick Kosinski from the upper spectator area during an All Stars 3 elimination matchup between Derrick and Nehemiah Clark.

As seen below, Laurel screenshotted some of the tweets and shared them on her Instagram Story, commenting that she agreed with Rachel and was there to see the Cara soda incident.

“Wes is a straight loser who thinks he’s cool because he bought a big house in Kansas City Kansas. Dude that costs $3 last I checked,” she wrote.

“Homie has an over exaggerated ego and thinks he’s cool and nice because he’s ‘rich’ in the Midwest. He needs to be checked which is why I do it every season. He could never swing it in New York. Punk,” Laurel commented.

social media messages by rachel robinson and laurel stucky about wes
Screenshot of Laurel’s IG Story. Pic credit: @laurelstucky/Instagram

Laurel and Wes last appeared together in MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 seasons, where they were among the stars on Team USA.

During that season’s third episode, Laurel conspired with castmate Josh Martinez to get Wes voted into elimination.

Wes announced his retirement during the USA 2 spinoff

As of this writing, Wes appears on The Challenge: USA 2, a spinoff of MTV’s competition series that airs on CBS. The first season mainly featured stars from the network’s reality TV shows, Big Brother, Amazing Race, and Survivor.

However, six MTV veterans were added to the second season’s cast. Wes arrived on the show alongside Johnny Bananas, Jonna Mannion, Tori Deal, Cory Wharton, and Amanda Garcia.

The vets became quick targets for the CBS stars, particularly from an alliance called Secret Garden, with Wes becoming a rival and target for several of the Survivor stars.

The sixth episode of USA 2 showed an emotional side of Wes contemplating the upcoming arrival of his first child as he’d left his pregnant wife at home so he could be on The Challenge. In confessional interviews, he referred to it as his final Challenge appearance.

Wes competed in the elimination matchup and thought he’d lost, but he got a surprise win to remain in the game.

Nonetheless, he seemingly confirmed his retirement from The Challenge on social media, indicating his businesses, parenthood, and what his castmates say about him all played a part in his decision.

Some castmates who mentioned Wes’ gameplay tendencies during their USA 2 confessional scenes included MTV stars Cory Wharton and Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat and newer CBS Challengers Desi Williams and Cassidy Clark.

As Monsters and Critics recently reported, Cory also brought up Wes’ “poor me” behavior during USA 2 while appearing on the Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast, with host Johnny Bananas laughing along during Cory’s various remarks.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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