The Challenge: Drake video clip surfaces showing his fandom, All Stars cast member reacts

drake at the premiere of euphoria in los angeles 2019
Drake recently spoke of MTV’s The Challenge, showing his fandom. Pic credit: ©

When it comes to reality television, it looks like multiple-time Grammy winner Drake is a huge fan of MTV’s The Challenge. A video clip has surfaced online in which he brings up the show during an on-stage discussion, showing his fandom.

That clip also brought one of The Challenge: All Stars cast members into the Instagram comments, as she’s clearly a fan of the hip-hop star known as Champagne Papi.

The viral clip also arrives several months after both Drake and fellow recording artist Rihanna followed several of The Challenge stars on social media.

Drake talks about The Challenge in ‘superfan’ clip

During a segment from a battle rap show that Drake recently appeared on, one of his fellow panel members said they don’t know who the winner was. Drake interjected, asking him if he’d ever seen The Challenge.

“Have you ever watched the show MTV’s The Challenge?” Drake asks him with the man saying he’s seen it before. From there, Drake goes on to explain the whole concept of teammates and the “slimy s**t” that happens on the show.

“So they compete the whole season, and you get paired up with somebody who becomes your partner and s**t, and at the end of the season sometimes they’ll be like, ‘Well, you and your partner won,’ but let’s say Sue had the faster time- sometimes people be like, ‘I love you bro.’ That’s just slimy s**t. That’s how it’s supposed to go,” Drake says in the clip.

Drake could be referring to a twist featured in the final for several seasons of The Challenge. Basically, competitors who won the final got to choose to split the money with their partner or keep it all for themself. In both instances, the winning Challenge stars left their teammates penniless upon winning the final together.

The first to make such a move was Johnny Bananas, when he opted to keep all the prize money for himself, leaving his partner Sarah Rice with nothing during the Rivals III season.

On The Challenge: Final Reckoning, Ashley Mitchell repeated a similar move, claiming the entire one million dollars in prize money for herself and leaving her partner Hunter Barfield stunned with no share of the money.

Trishelle reacts to Drake clip, Rihanna also a fan?

At least one of The Challenge stars saw Drake’s super fan clip on the fan account for the show. Trishelle Cannatella dropped by the comments, suggesting that Drake is on her list of celebrity crushes.

“Lord if I wasn’t married,” The Challenge and Real World star commented, showing her own fandom when it comes to Drake.

Trishelle recently appeared on the recent spinoff series, The Challenge: All Stars, featuring 22 OG cast members returning to compete. The spinoff was presented with weekly episodes on Paramount Plus, and based on online feedback, Canada wasn’t able to see it, meaning Drake may need to visit the United States to catch up.

all stars cast member trishelle comments about drake
Pic credit: @trishellec/Instagram

It’s unknown how deep Drake’s Challenge fandom runs, but in the past months, social media revealed that Drake and Rihanna might be fans of the show and several cast members. The two recording artists apparently followed cast members on Twitter or Instagram, including Kam Williams, Kaycee Clark, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and Cory Wharton.

In addition, a photo popped up online showing some of The Challenge stars posing for a selfie with a masked Rihanna.

During MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Aneesa Ferreira also spoke of a brief exchange she had on social media with Drake replying to her. So clearly the man behind so many hit songs also has a deep appreciation for what competitors bring to The Challenge.

Maybe The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars II is in the future for both Drake and Rihanna? However, some fans may prefer to see them on a Battle of the Exes season based on their previous dating history. It seems anything’s possible with the way stars from the Olympics, WWE and America’s Got Talent have recently crossed over to MTV’s show.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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