The Challenge: Double Agents premiere episode details revealed

the challenge double agents premiere episode details online
The Challenge: Double Agents will be Season 36 of the show. Pic credit: MTV

With MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents, viewers will get a spy-themed season involving rookies and veterans competing for their part of another big sum of money.

The Double Agents cast and trailer were revealed several weeks ago, giving fans an idea of which competitors they’ll see on the new season.

More details and teasers have been arriving since then, with details about the premiere episode arriving just recently.

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Details for The Challenge: Double Agents premiere episode

It appears that Kam Williams will be at the center of the very first episode as her name appears in the title. It’s called License to Killer Kam as a play on the James Bond movie title, License to Kill.

A synopsis has also been revealed ahead of the first episode, which basically gives some details about the show in general.

An Instagram account for The Challenge fans posted a screenshot (below) of the first episode’s listing from an unknown source.

The first episode, License to Killer Kam, will be an hour and a half in length.

The Double Agents synopsis reads, “Thirty elite agents learn that they will be battling against one another in a twisty, spy-themed season, with the hopes of earning their share of a $1,000,000 prize. Former champions find themselves in danger, as a cutthroat plan emerges against them.”


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Who are the former champions on Double Agents?

As far as former champions go, there are quite a few who will be a part of Double Agents. Chris “CT” Tamburello was part of the winning team on War of the Worlds 2 just a few seasons ago. He’s a three-time winner on The Challenge, having also claimed wins on Rivals II and Invasion of the Champions.

Ashley Mitchell won a million dollars on Final Reckoning, which she took all for herself, leaving her partner Hunter Barfield without any of the prize money. Ashley was also a winner on Invasion of the Champions.

There’s also Weston Bergmann, who has won on The Duel and also Rivals II when he was partnered with CT.

Of course, one former winner that probably won’t be overlooked is the four-time champion, Darrell Taylor. He won on his first four appearances on The Challenge with victories on The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II, and Fresh Meat.

So Killer Kam will probably have her sights set on several of these individuals from the get-go. The question is, will we see a Kam and Leroy alliance form early on in the show for this real-life power couple?

Double Agents details continue to arrive

Several weeks ago, the official Double Agents cast and trailer arrived online. TJ Lavin is back as host for Season 36, with 30 competitors vying for big money on another grueling season. It will be a partner situation for this season rather than solo competitors or bigger teams.

We learned recently who many competitors consider as the biggest threats on Double Agents, including two of the rookies in particular.

MTV’s The Challenge has continued to unveil various cast interview videos, including one where veterans gave their opinions about the newcomers on the show.

There was also the teaser trailer video below that MTV’s The Challenge shared on their Instagram on Thanksgiving Day (November 26).


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Fans are certainly getting excited to see what the latest season has in store for returning veterans, but also how rookies like Joseph Allen, Nam Vo, Lio Rush, Lolo Jones, Amber M, Gabby Allen, and Amber Borzotra perform in their first campaign!

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9, at 8/7c.

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