The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath – Gold Skull winner and stolen partner speak about latest events

the challenge double agents aftermath episode gold skull winner stolen partner speak out
Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett appear on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath. Pic credit: MTV

Another installment of The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath arrived after the third episode of the reality competition series. For a third-straight episode, Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams were back on the show with host Devyn Simone.

In addition, fans saw Chris “CT” Tamburello again, for a short while, along with the latest Gold Skull winner and the partner they chose to steal away after winning elimination.

Keep in mind, spoilers will follow for what went down on the third episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents.

Double Agents stars talk about third episode voting and alliances

Along with CT, Leroy, and Kam, the latest Aftermath featured the latest Double Agents Gold Skull winner, Devin Walker, who eliminated his good friend Wes Bergmann from the game.

Also on the show were Nelson Thomas and the new partner Devin chose for the game, Tori Deal, who all spoke about what went down.

Early on, Leroy and Kam said they decided on Wes because he seemed to be working with everyone else in the house somehow. Leroy said he couldn’t trust him in the game.

CT got into a bit of an argument with Kam, as he told her that he wasn’t in an alliance with Wes. Kam said she learned from Kyle that CT was part of the alliance, though.

During that early conversation, Devin also said he didn’t have a “No. 1” going into the show. In a recent Q&A video chat that Wes did with Fessy Shafaat, Wes talked about Leroy asking to be Wes’ No. 2 in the game. Devin was Wes’ No. 1, though.

Devin brags about his elimination win

In another part of the Aftermath show, Devin talked about eliminating Wes to earn a Gold Skull.

“It was pretty easy to beat Wes,” Devin said with a straight face. “I’m the only person in the history of eliminations that has talked s**t to the entire rest of the cast while winning an elimination against someone that has done this game for 15 years.”

“When Devin did win that Gold Skull, nobody was scared,” Nelson added. “Nobody was scared that Devin had a Gold Skull because everybody felt that they could take it away from him.”

Nelson went on to say when he was talking to a group of guys after that elimination, none of them were worried about Devin having a Skull. That group apparently included Fessy and Cory, who felt they could win a Skull from Devin in elimination.

Tori reacts to being stolen by Devin

Meanwhile, Tori ended up having her game changed up when Devin decided to steal her from Cory to infiltrate an alliance.

“I mean, listen, I’ve never really been on the same page as Wes in a game ever, so I was like thrilled. Got to see Devin have a kickass elimination, which is always cool when you think someone is gonna lose and they come through and they kill it,” Tori said about elimination.

“Yeah, obviously, he stole me as a partner, so that threw my whole game off,” Tori added.

When asked how she felt about Devin stealing her as his new partner, Tori said, “I mean I’m like yo this mother***** is so calculated…that s**t is clever. He’s clever. He infiltrated our alliance by stealing me…It was the smartest move on his part.”

Viewers will have to keep watching to see if Devin’s move ends up working out for him or if it hurts his chances at competing for big money at the final.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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