The Challenge: Devyn Simone said she’s considered returning to compete, shares idea she gave producers

the challenge aftermath host devyn simone
Former Real World and Challenge star Devyn Simone hosts The Challenge: Aftermath. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Devyn Simone has become well known as a host on MTV’s The Challenge: Aftermath show, where she gets all the inside gossip and tea from various cast members.

Before that, she was also a competitor in The Challenge and reached the final in her two seasons. That’s prompted plenty of fans to ask if she’ll return to compete on the show.

Recently, Devyn said she’s had the itch to return several times but always stops herself. However, she also revealed another idea she’s been trying to get producers to agree with so she can be on the show.

Devyn still gets calls to compete in The Challenge

Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal recently turned the tables on Devyn Simone as they brought the Aftermath host on as a guest for the Official Challenge Podcast. This time around, Devyn was in the hot seat, answering their questions instead of vice versa.

At one point in the podcast episode, Aneesa asked Devyn how great it is not to have to do any of the crazy stuff they do on The Challenge anymore and just report on it.

“It’s honestly mixed feelings because when I do get the calls, which I still do get calls, there’s always a moment for me where for a brief second I’m like, ‘Oh, maybe,’ and then I need someone to talk me off the ledge,” Devyn shared.

“There’s this competitiveness that I think we all share whether you’ve won, whether you’ve not won, whether you’ve made a final, whether you’ve not made a final. Like there’s a part of you that still wants one more time,” she added.

Devyn said she typically realizes her body isn’t going to train the way she needs to for the competition, so she stays away from it and watches from the sidelines.

After originally appearing on MTV’s The Real World: Brooklyn season, Devyn transitioned to The Challenge. She debuted as a rookie in Battle of the Seasons in 2012 with three of her Brooklyn castmates.

Along with Sarah Rice, Chet Cannon, and JD Ordonez, Devyn reached the final. Team San Diego ended up claiming first place, though.

Devyn’s second season was Free Agents in 2014. She again reached the final, but this time it was a solo battle for the first-place man and first-place woman of the season. Devyn finished in third place behind runner-up Nany Gonzalez and winner Laurel Stuckey.

Not only does Devyn get calls for the main show, but the two-time finalist revealed she’d also been contacted for the first season of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff on Paramount Plus but turned that down.

Devyn gave producers idea for her return to The Challenge

While Devyn seems unlikely to return to compete in MTV’s The Challenge, she told Aneesa and Tori she’s been trying to get producers to bring her on in a different capacity.

“I’m trying to convince all the producers, some of whom you’ve had on this podcast, you know, have me as a sideline reporter. I really think that is an element that is missing from The Challenge. I can just come on and get some live moments,” Devyn shared with Tori and Aneesa.

The podcast co-hosts seemed to love Devyn’s idea, although Tori said she might not be the best person to interview after taking her pre-workout supplements for competition. Devyn told her she’d be ready for it, though.

Following her competitive days, Devyn has hosted The Challenge: Aftermath for multiple seasons of MTV’s show and Paramount Plus’ first spinoff season, The Challenge: All Stars. In addition to that, she’s been a panelist and host on The Wendy Williams Show since 2017.

Fans previously created a petition for Devyn to be brought on as the host for The Challenge reunion specials for both the regular and spinoff season, but neither came to fruition. Instead, production went in a different direction with host Maria Menounos and various NFL stars who’ve become TV personalities.

Her concept for what’s missing from The Challenge makes a lot of sense and could bring something new to the show as cast members compete in daily missions, eliminations, and TJ Lavin’s final. Now it’s up to the producers to take that idea and make it happen with Devyn as the much-needed sideline reporter.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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