The Challenge: CT Tamburello and estranged wife Lili Solares agree on who receives their home amid divorce

The Challenge star Chris CT Tamburello Spies Lies and Allies final
Chris “CT” Tamburello is amid divorce proceedings with Lili Solares. Pic credit: MTV

Chris “CT” Tamburello, a five-time champion of MTV’s The Challenge, is amid divorce proceedings, as he filed for divorce from Lilianet “Lili” Solares last year.

The two have had an up-and-down marriage and relationship over the past four years after initially having their storybook wedding presented as a reality TV special.

Just recently, it was revealed which of them will receive the home as they continue to settle things in the divorce.

There have also been some decisions made regarding taking care of their son and several financial responsibilities that CT will have.

As of this writing, CT isn’t part of any of The Challenge shows that have been presented on MTV or online, as he took a break following Spies, Lies & Allies.

Based on the recent developments, it seems like he’s quite busy settling things with his wife and potentially expanding his career into acting.

The Challenge star to receive their home, estranged wife to move out

According to TMZ, legal documents revealed that CT’s estranged wife filed for sole possession of their Florida home this past December.

However, an update as of March 12 indicates that she has officially agreed to move out, leaving the home to CT.

That means Lili will move into a rental property with CT footing the bill of $7,200 as a deposit for her new residence.

Lili will be able to retrieve her belongings from the Florida home, which include personal items, furniture, and some of their son Christopher Jr.’s items.

CT must also pay $762 in temporary child support each month. The couple also agreed on a schedule for taking care of their son.

CT filed for divorce from Lili Solares late last year

Monsters and Critics reported this past November that CT filed for divorce from Lili after a marriage of over four years. The couple had separated in 2020, something which CT mentioned as The Challenge: Double Agents season was getting started.

However, they seemed to patch things up, and CT appeared like his life was going great. After winning Spies, Lies & Allies, he brought up potential retirement, also suggesting he take a break from the show to focus on other things, including spending time with family.

In January 2022, Monsters and Critics reported about CT addressing fan speculation about his marriage and that there was trouble. However, at that time, CT indicated he had just shared a song he liked on social media, and people were reading too much into it. However, he said with all of the commotion over it, he “woke up in the dog house” with his wife.

As mentioned, CT wasn’t part of The Challenge: Ride or Dies, the 38th season of MTV’s competition series that wrapped up airing episodes. To many fans’ disappointment, he also was not among the Legends competitors in the spinoff The Challenge: World Championship, which is currently bringing episodes out on Paramount Plus.

However, CT recently played in a major movie, The Most Dangerous Game. In addition, he appeared among interviewed Challenge stars in MTV’s docuseries, The Challenge Untold History, which arrived last year.

A 39th season of MTV’s The Challenge is rumored to be in the works, with availability calls going out to potential cast members. As of this writing, there are no confirmed details for the show’s filming timeframe or premiere date.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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