The Challenge: Big Brother star blasts CBS spinoff, calls cast ‘weak’ and ‘garbage’

janelle pierzina during big brother 22
Big Brother star Janelle Pierzina said she thinks The Challenge CBS cast is “terrible.” Pic credit: Big Brother/YouTube

With The Challenge CBS spinoff currently filming in Argentina, at least one star who turned down the show is calling out the cast choices that they went with.

The spinoff features numerous cast members from CBS’ Survivor, Love Island, Amazing Race, and Big Brother, already leaked via online spoilers.

Janelle Pierzina appeared on multiple Big Brother seasons, including Season 22, and said she feels the cast is “weak as f***” for The Challenge spinoff.

This report features some light spoilers about potential cast members and alliances.

Janelle Pierzina speaks about CBS Challenge cast

In a video on her official YouTube channel, Janelle gave her thoughts about the cast for The Challenge CBS spinoff, a show she already mentioned she turned down when offered a spot.

“I want to be totally upfront, honest with you, on my opinion on this. I think the cast looks terrible. It looks weak as f**k. I mean, this is garbage,” she said as part of her comments.

“Here’s the deal. I know they called over 100 people. You guys know I said no,” Janelle said, adding, “I also have people that went on it, that are on this season.”

“I’ve been told- this is from people that were in the casting process- that literally on the very last day before they got on the flights, they were still cutting people,” she shared.

She explained that according to people she knew involved in the casting process, some individuals were dropping out due to spoilers arriving about alliances. One of those alliances featured members of Big Brother’s Cookout alliance and several other stars from the show.

Another alliance Janelle spoke about involved several cast members from Love Island 3, which made people who saw the spoilers disinterested in wasting their time on the spinoff show.

“Because of the pre-game alliances, I think a lot of people just took a step back and were like, ‘I’m done,'” Janelle said.

She spoke about specific cast members that are part of the show who she’s excited to see. Check out her comments in the video below (spoilers) regarding The Challenge spinoff and alliances.

Janelle previously commented about turning spinoff down

Based on Janelle’s remarks, casting contacted many stars from CBS for the spinoff show, including herself. Last month, she tweeted about turning down The Challenge CBS spinoff, suggesting she was happy with her decision after hearing who was in the cast.

janelle pierzina comments about challenge cbs spinoff
Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

In another tweet, she touched upon the alliance concept, saying she hoped those individuals would be the first ones eliminated from the spinoff.

janelle pierzina gives thoughts challenge cbs spinoff
Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

Janelle’s comment brought a reply from one of The Challenge regulars on MTV, as former Big Brother winner Josh Martinez called her a “real one” for her remarks.

the challenge josh martinez reacts janelle pierzina tweet
Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

As of this report, at least two eliminations already happened on The Challenge CBS spinoff, so it seems that maybe several alliances are working. However, it remains to be seen if Big Brother, Survivor, or Love Island stars come away as the show’s winners.

The Challenge CBS spinoff is TBA for CBS and/or Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV.

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