The Challenge: All Stars’ Jemmye Carroll reveals she had ‘perfect plan’ to save two friends from elimination

jemmye carroll in the challenge all stars episode 7 deliberation
Jemmye Carroll during deliberation in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7 Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars is underway with competitors trying to reach TJ Lavin’s final in Argentina and compete for a solo prize of $500,000. Along the way, there have been daily challenges, alliances, friendships tested, group voting, and eliminations.

While several episodes didn’t bring too much strategy into the picture, it’s apparent that more than a few competitors were bringing strategy to the game as needed. That includes Jemmye Carroll, who recently revealed online she had a plan to save two friends from going into elimination.

Unfortunately, a castmate’s vote shook things up and the plan failed, which ultimately cost Jemmye one of her friends in the house.

Spoilers will be present in this article up through Episode 7 of The Challenge: All Stars season on Paramount Plus.

All Stars Episode 7 featured intense deliberation and voting

Throughout the All Stars season so far, deliberation meetings have mostly been easygoing. One exception would be during Episode 1, where Ace Amerson referred to everyone as “monsters,” but other voting sessions included cast members volunteering to go in due to poor performances. That made it so nobody really had to deliberate, defend themselves, or vote.

However, All Stars Episode 7 featured a much more intense voting session. Ahead of the deliberation, Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Jisela Delgado were automatically going in after coming in last place for the daily challenge. Besides daily challenge winners Mark Long and KellyAnne Judd, the rest of the cast had to vote for a male competitor for elimination.

Big Easy mentioned during a discussion with castmates that he’d prefer to go against Nehemiah Clark in elimination. However, Jisela suggested that everyone should vote for a competitor who had yet to go into elimination. Aneesa Ferreira shared Jisela’s suggestion at the deliberation, and people realized that meant Yes Duffy or Darrell Taylor should be up for elimination.

However, Yes made a great speech in defense of himself. Cast members then voted how they felt, mostly disregarding Jisela’s suggestion. Jemmye also spoke up, giving her reasons for not voting with the suggested way of voting.

“At this point in the game, I don’t care what Jisela wants, what Easy wants, what any of y’all want. I’m not voting for Yes. My vote is for Derrick,” she said in an interesting twist.

It still came down to a 3-3 tie involving Nehemiah and Yes. Footage showed Aneesa giving the final vote in favor of Nehemiah going into The Arena again.

The rest is history, as Nehemiah went back into elimination and chose Kendal Sheppard as his teammate, but they were unable to secure a spot in TJ’s final.

Jemmye had “perfect plan” ready, but castmate messed it up

While many cast members on All Stars are there for the fun times, reuniting with friends, and testing themselves in challenges, others seemed really intent on playing the game with specific strategies along the way. After all, there is $500,000 in prize money for one winner.

That includes Jemmye, who, at 32, is one of the youngest cast members in the game. The former Real World: New Orleans star had even expressed disappointment during confessional interviews when cast members volunteered because that takes away the joy of voting.

During a recent series of tweets, a fan replied to a Jisela Delgado tweet suggesting Jemmye burned her vote by voting for Derrick Kosinski. The fan indicated that Jemmye could’ve tied the vote by voting for Yes instead. However, Jemmye explained that she was trying to save two of her friends on the cast from getting put into elimination.

Those two friends happened to be Yes and Nehemiah who ended up getting the most votes overall.

“Wasnt a burn vote! It was a strategic vote to save Yes! I had the perfect plan to save both Yes & Nehemiah & I had the votes but Nehemiah chose to trust Derrick over going with my plan & unfortunately that cost him the final! It’s not my job to protect men who don’t play smart,” Jemmye replied in a tweet to the fan.

the challenge all stars jemmye carroll tweets about her perfect plan
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Based on Jemmye’s tweet, Nehemiah trusted Derrick at the deliberation, which is interesting as Derrick previously revealed in an interview they had a bit of a feud and a near-physical altercation on All Stars. During Episode 7, Derrick was also shown as part of the group talking to Big Easy about how he should compete against Nehemiah in elimination.

Jemmye hasn’t revealed her full “perfect plan,” as the Rivals II finalist said she plans to put that on her subscriber-based Patron page. That said, based on how she plays, she has been quite strategic and bold with her moves on The Challenge over the years, including that epic doublecross moment on Dirty 30.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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