The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 3: Elimination results as Treehouse alliance takes aim at OGs

cast members at daily challenge in the challenge all stars 3 episode 3
Cast members at the daily challenge in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

At the start of The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 2, Mark Long was feeling good after his elimination win. Footage showed Kendal Darnell and KellyAnne Judd doing yoga. Kendal said she wants to win All Stars to use the money to open a yoga business.

In confessional, Veronica Portillo said she’s happy her favorites Tina Bridges and Jemmye Carroll are in the room with her. They talked about Tina holding a lot of stars already.

Kailah Casillas brought up the Treehouse alliance of herself, Tina, Veronica, Jemmye Carroll, Roni Chance, Sylvia Elsrode, and Derrick Kosinski. Kailah said they’re targeting KellyAnne and Kendal as two strong opponents they want to take out.

Nehemiah said one of the people he trusted most, Laterrian Wallace, is now gone. He’s still got Wes Bergmann around, but it’s shaky because they can’t bring attention to themselves in the house.

KellyAnne Judd brought up in confessional that Jonna and MJ became closer through All Stars 2. While at the pool, MJ suggested to Jonna they make a soft alliance with Wes Bergmann just to be safe themselves. They said it was like making a deal with the devil.

Yes Duffy attempted to have a “coffee date” chat with his rival Wes Bergmann. He spoke to him about using the sabotage. Wes said in confessional he would eat Yes up and spit him out. Yes gave his opinion of the way Wes plays the game. Wes told Yes if he doesn’t put the sabotage on him, he’ll prove him wrong. Yes didn’t like that answer, though.

Competition gets dirty at latest daily challenge

The competitors met host TJ Lavin at the next daily challenge called Playing Dirty. It involved a long rectangular mud pit. They had to run through the mud pit, grab a ball and make it out of the pit.

There was a men’s heat and a women’s heat. Each was three rounds. The first round had only nine balls and 10 people. In the first round, the competitor who left without a ball was the loser and would go to Arena. The rest would continue playing to find out the winner and who else is in The Authority.

Yes and Kendal each got to sabotage one player with a 35-lb weighted vest. Yes chose Wes Bergmann, saying he’s the expert “saboteur.” Kendal asked if she could use it on a guy or herself. TJ told her she could but reminded her half a million dollars was on the line. Kendal said she was going to puke but in a surprise move, chose MJ to get the vest. 

The daily challenge definitely got dirty, with multiple players going after Kendal and KellyAnne in the women’s heat. KellyAnne was upset Tina tackled her when she didn’t even have a ball.

During the women’s heat, Tina noticed that she had messed up her hand and had to pop a finger back in place. In the men’s heat, Nehemiah took exception to how Yes was going after him and called him out after the event.

competitors battle in the challenge all stars 3 daily challenge playing dirty
Competitors battle in the Playing Dirty daily challenge for All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

Ultimately, Veronica lost in the women’s heat. Kailah Casillas was the winner. For the men’s heat, MJ lost due to his weighted vest. The men’s winner was Brad Fiorenza. 

Kailah, Brad, Sylvia, Jonna Mannion, Jordan Wiseley, and Derrick Kosinski were The Authority.

OGs enjoy 70s party, and politicking unfolds

MJ and Jonna spoke to Kendal about her sabotage decision. Jonna told her she would’ve preferred Kendal use it on her. Kendal apologized to MJ for saying his name. Jonna said she was hurt because Kendal used it on someone she cared about.

Later, the cast put on their best 70s outfits to dance and party the night away at The Challenge house. Wes began politicking about the elimination. He told Jordan to throw his vote to Yes. Jordan agreed that Yes needs to see an elimination because he hasn’t before.

Kailah, Veronica, Sylvia, and Jemmye met about the women’s vote. They said they’d send in whoever Veronica wanted. Kailah said they’d prefer to throw in KellyAnne or Kendal. KellyAnne spoke to Kendal and said they need to stop playing nice while others are playing smart.

Mark talked with MJ about who he wants in elimination. They spoke about him facing either Yes or Syrus. Elsewhere, Brad said he wanted to throw in Yes because he’s never been to an elimination.

The Authority meets, and two OGs leave the game

Tina revealed she woke up, went to the hospital, and found out she had broken her hand. She had a cast on and was packing up. She hugged her castmates goodbye as they tried to sleep in the morning.

The Authority met about who to send in. Jordan said that MJ wants to see Syrus in elimination. Jordan said he felt Syrus has put in the work this season, so he won’t put him in. Jordan brought up how Wes wants Yes to go in. Kailah said they should put in Kendal or KellyAnne. Jonna said Kendal’s sabotage on MJ wasn’t cool with her.

Several Authority members informed Syrus he was going into elimination again. Footage showed four people voted for Syrus to go in. Jordan voted Nehemiah, and Brad voted Yes. For the women, four people voted for Kendal. Jordan said Nia because it meant nothing as far as what the others were doing. Brad said Roni’s name as a burn vote.

Kailah, Sylvia, and Jonna met with Kendal to let her know they voted for her to go in. Kendal asked if this meant when she came back, she would go after them now.

In confessional, Kendal said the game had become “uglier” because the younger All Stars don’t realize the sacrifice the older OGs have gone through to get there.

Jemmye got a call to call home to talk with her mother. She informed Jemmye that her dad’s health wasn’t good. Jemmye asked if she needed to come home, and her mom told her to make her own decision.

Later, a teary-eyed Jemmye revealed to castmates that she was going home because it was important for her to take care of the things that really mattered.

Jemmye and Tina leaving the game meant the Treehouse Alliance lost two of its members.

Who went home from All Stars 3 elimination?

At The Arena, the matchups were Kendal vs. Veronica and Syrus vs. MJ. However, TJ Lavin informed everyone that there was no women’s elimination since Jemmye and Tina both left the game. The men still had to compete, though.

MJ and Syrus competed in Weight Up. It started with them each locked inside a cage with many weighted sandbags. They had to throw sandbags into a hanging crate. That would raise a back wall and reveal a window. Next, they had to grab a hammer and bust the window open to escape the cage to ring their bell first.

It was neck and neck, but Syrus wasn’t getting sandbags into his crate like MJ was. MJ revealed his window first and started to hammer away. Syrus got his window soon after and started hammering. It didn’t look like MJ wasn’t using the most effective strategy to smash his window, but he eventually busted through, climbed out, and rang the bell to win.

the challenge all stars 3 episode 3 syrus vs mj in weight up
The Challenge: All Stars 3 OGs compete in the Weight Up elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

Syrus said he was upset with himself because he got in his own way. He said when he returns for All Stars, he’ll be “bigger and stronger” than ever. MJ gained more stars after the win. TJ praised Syrus for looking the best he ever has on The Challenge. He and the cast bid him farewell.

In a confessional before the episode ended, Nehemiah said he wished Kendal understood the game better and how every move she makes can hurt. He said the fact everyone’s paranoid and she’s connected to KellyAnne could bring her down with her.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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