The Challenge 37 cast spoilers: Competitors return home to reunite with family after months of filming

the challenge double agents cast after mission road kill
Many cast members from the Double Agents season will be part of The Challenge Season 37. Pic credit: MTV

Many of The Challenge 37 cast members are returning home after a long season of filming in Croatia and they’re finally getting to see their loved ones after months away.

While spoilers have shown some of the cast took off for a vacation after filming, others headed straight home as they had family or significant others to reunite with.

Two castmates, who spoilers indicated were teammates at one point, recently got back home. They each shared their first images or videos on social media featuring reunions with family members.

The Challenge 37 cast member returns to social media

One cast member many fans are probably excited to see return for The Challenge Season 37 is Amanda Garcia. She was last seen on the War of the World season as partners with Big Brother star Josh Martinez.

So it has been a few seasons for the former Are You The One? star, but based on spoilers, she may have had one of her best appearances on MTV’s competition show yet.

She returned home to Denver, Colorado, within the past several weeks and began to share some new social media posts. In one IG post, she showed off a few selfies in her striking red bikini, drawing plenty of comments from her fans.

Based on spoilers online, Amanda made it relatively far during Season 37 but unfortunately could not get into The Challenge final. However, her return home gave her a chance to reunite with her son, Avonni.

She shared a series of photos and videos upon getting to be back with him for the Fourth of July weekend and seemed happy to be back with her pride and joy.

After she originally had departed for the season, her ex-fiance and baby’s dad took to social media to slam Amanda for leaving her son for so long, bringing some fans to stand up for one of their favorite Challenge stars.

During the first part of the Season 37 filming, it was rumored that Amanda was teamed up with the UK’s Kyle Christie. If they remained a team through many episodes, it could be quite an entertaining pair to watch based on their previous Challenge antics and commentary!

Finalist returns home to expecting girlfriend

It was another appearance in The Challenge final for Kyle, but unfortunately, it appears he came up short against his veteran castmate. However, a big prize for him was his return home, as his expecting girlfriend was waiting to meet him at the airport.

Kyle shared a video of the reunion on his official Instagram page as he got to hug and kiss girlfriend Vicky Turner and then checked out how much bigger her baby bump has become since he has been away.

He also included a message about how it felt to finally be back home, as he will prepare for fatherhood and enjoy England’s run in the Euro 2021 tournament.

“So happy to be back on U.K soil with @vickelizabethx after months & months of working,” Kyle said in his IG caption.

“Being away from your pregnant partner for so long is torture but buzzing to jump back into preparing for fatherhood. Thank you for the Birthday wishes a couple of weeks ago, England getting to the Semi’s is the best Birthday present ever,” he added.

“Couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be right now…Life is good,” The Challenge star also shared in the emotional video post.

Back in mid-March, Kyle and Vicky announced she was pregnant with Baby Christie, which will be their first child together. Per People’s report, the due date is likely sometime this coming September. That gives Kyle a few months to get acclimated to being back home and helping out his girlfriend as they prepare for the birth.

For Kyle, his appearance on The Challenge Season 37 will be his seventh since getting his start on the Geordie Shore show. While he missed the Double Agents final due to that unfortunate elimination injury against Fessy Shafaat, he improved upon his finish in Season 37 with an appearance in the final. Kyle also made the final on the Total Madness and Vendettas seasons.

It took Chris “CT” Tamburello eight seasons before he won a final, so Kyle might have the same luck in his next appearance. Kyle might take a bit of a break from The Challenge based on the fact he’s expecting his first child soon.

Even so, it’s becoming clear that he’s one of the emerging fan favorites based on his hilarious commentary and being considered an underdog competitor against some of the all-time greats like CT and Johnny Bananas.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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