The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Elimination teammate details, showmance rumors continue

the challenge host tj lavin presides over double agents elimination
The Challenge host TJ Lavin during an elimination on Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

As more of The Challenge Season 37 spoilers are coming out through various sources, fans are getting more insight into some of what might have happened during filming.

That includes a twist that viewers saw during another season with eliminations, as well as the hookups and showmances that may pop up during the episodes on MTV.

This report contains spoilers for the upcoming Season 37 of The Challenge including elimination winners, and several cast members’ names.

The Challenge 37 brings back elimination twist

Viewers who watched The Challenge: Double Agents season are quite familiar with several aspects of eliminations. On that season, once again there were Skulls required to be eligible for TJ Lavin’s final. That’s not the case for the new season, tentatively called Spies, Lies, and Allies.

However, a Double Agents twist will return in a way for the Season 37 elimination format. That’s where the winners in an elimination event will get the option to switch teammates.

Based on recent tweets from Challenge super fan and insider, @GamerVev, some of the teammate swaps are beginning to leak in Season 37 spoilers online.

Apparently, several rookies partnered up veterans after winning their respective eliminations. Survivor Romania’s Emy Alupei chose to partner with Devin Walker, who was probably in good with an alliance of other MTV stars.

Meanwhile, Edgar “Ed” Eason from The Circle Season 1 opted to steal Tori Deal as his partner. Tori’s shown herself capable of making it to a final, and also was probably tight with a strong alliance this season.

the challenge season 37 spoilers show teammates swapped
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

That wasn’t the only time that rookies took Tori and Devin as partners. A previous @GamerVev tweet with a GIF indicated Michele Fitzgerald of Survivor, and 12 Days of Christmas star Corey Lay took the same individuals after winning the first elimination.

That said, Season 37 winners spoilers arrived, to show which competitors ended up winning The Challenge final. Only one rookie made the final, Emy Alupei, with the rest of the cast consisting mostly of MTV stars. Tori and Devin were both participants in the final, but neither captured their first win.

Castmates continuing showmance after Season 37?

The rumor mill is going strong as far as possible hookups and showmances that could’ve gone beyond the filming. One of those includes finalist Tori Deal, who has been one of several cast members vacationing in Ibiza after the filming wrapped.

Tori posted a recent image to her official Instagram showing herself on the beach. Some super fans and insiders on social media picked up the design of the outfit she is wearing, as it appears again.

Tori didn’t tag any castmates in this other photo, but her castmate, Emanuel Neagu, posted a photo or video clip on their IG Story within the past few days. Fans believe the image was taken by Tori based on the lower-left corner of the screenshot below. Many fans are pointing out the design looks very similar to Tori’s outfit above.

emanuel neagu shares instagram post sparking tori rumors
Pic credit: @emanuel.neagu/Instagram Story

That seems to connect with a previous screenshot that made the rounds of Challenge stars in Ibiza. The image showed Tori hanging out next to Emanuel and castmate Josh Martinez with the rookie seeming to be rubbing the back of Tori’s leg.

There were no reports that Tori and Emanuel hooked up during The Challenge filming, but it’s possible they became closer as they got closer to the final. It certainly appears they may be exploring a relationship following the season unless they’re just very good friends.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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