The Challenge spoilers: Fans react to Season 37 winners and losers

the challenge season 36 finalists at last part of final
The Challenge: Double Agents finalists prepare for the last part of their final. Pic credit: MTV

As of this weekend, The Challenge spoilers arrived for which cast members won Season 37 of MTV’s competition reality series. For some fans, it was a pleasant surprise, but for others, they were hoping for different results.

Challenge fans who have been following the Season 37 spoilers weighed in with their comments regarding the winners and losers for the season, which has yet to set a premiere date.

This report will feature possible spoilers for the next installment in MTV’s The Challenge series, including which competitors won and lost.

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Season 37 winners include former champ, first-time winner

On Saturday, July 3, the first rumored results for which competitors won The Challenge Season 37 hit the internet. There had been previous reports about which eight competitors were in the final, leading fans to make their guesses on who would win it all.

Competing for the men were Chris “CT” Tamburello, Devin Walker, Nelson Thomas, and Kyle Christie. For the women, it was Kaycee Clark, Nany Gonzalez, Tori Deal, and Emy Alupei.

Spoiler posts arrived online and indicated that CT and Kaycee were the Season 37 winners, which is expected to begin televising episodes later this year.

For CT Tamburello, that is his fifth win over his many appearances on MTV’s The Challenge. It’s also a back-to-back win for the Double Agents winner. His wins before that included War of the Worlds 2, Invasion of the Champions, and Rivals II.

Meanwhile, Kaycee, a former winner on Big Brother, picked up her first-ever Challenge win in just her third season on the show. She previously made the final in her other two seasons, Double Agents and Total Madness, but finished as a runner-up.

Challenge fans react to rumored Season 37 winners and losers

With the reveal of CT and Kaycee as rumored winners, it also meant there were six other competitors who presumably participated in the Season 37 final and lost. Many fans reacted to this information online, some of whom wanted to see different outcomes.

A lot of comments arrived on various Instagram super fan or insider accounts, many of which commented on CT’s status as one of the best of all time when it comes to The Challenge.

Some may even consider him G.O.A.T., although one Johnny Bananas might take exception to that.

fan comments about winner of the challenge season 37
Pic credit: @thechallengeseason36/Instagram

“CT got in shape and matured mentally. If he doesn’t step away he’s gonna be a force for a good while on the new generation,” a fan pointed out about CT’s ability to win each season he’s on.

the challenge season 37 winner fan comments
Pic credit: @thechallengeseason36/Instagram

Another fan pointed out that maybe it’s more the fault of the male competitors who didn’t do all they could to eliminate one of the game’s multiple-time winners.

Then again, Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell was the only other multiple-time winner and got eliminated due to an argument she was part of resulting in her DQ.

fan reacts to news of the challenge 37 winner
Pic credit: @thechallengeseason36/Instagram

With CT winning another, it furthered a case that Fessy Shafaat is nowhere near the top when it comes to competing on the show. As a fan pointed out, the former Big Brother star may be rather upset at these results.

the challenge season 37 results fessy shafaat
Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

While CT received lots of love and praise for his latest win, it seemed maybe fans weren’t as excited that former Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark won as well. At least one fan would’ve preferred different winners, as they appeared to be rooting for Nelson Thomas and Nany Gonzalez.

challenge season 37 winners get fan reactions
Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

However, one fan seemed happy it was Kaycee rather than Tori emerging with the victory.

fan reacts to kaycee clark the challenge season 37
Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

Speaking of Challenge stars named Tori, a comment arrived on @mtvchallengeinsider from Tori Hall Gwinn. The former two-time winner on The Gauntlet III and Cutthroat seasons had a comment asking which show the female competitor who won originated on.

A fan let her know, it wasn’t one of the MTV shows.

tori hall of the challenge comments on season 37 winners
Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

With MTV’s 37th season of The Challenge, there were plenty of competitors who came from other shows including Survivor, Love Island, Are You The One? and Too Hot to Handle.

However, it was once again two veteran stars who have learned how to best play the game from a social and physical standpoint. Congrats to both CT and Kaycee on their latest win!

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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