The Bachelorette ‘villain’ Jamie Skaar keeps it classy after embarrassing elimination by Michelle Young

Jamie Skaar on The Bachelorette
Jamie Skaar went home after he was called out for starting drama on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Jamie Skaar was one of the early villains on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette but after she sent him packing for his weak attempt to start some drama, it turns out that Jamie might not be that bad of a guy after all.

The biotech CEO from San Diego started Season 18 off on the wrong foot when he pulled a Karl (remember him from Katie Thurston’s season?) and tried to get everyone riled up about drama that did not exist.

Michelle Young escorted Jamie out after she lost all trust in him

He’s the guy that told Michelle that the guys were talking about a rumor that she was spotted with a “light-skinned” guy prior to the season starting, assuming she was out and about with Joe, who is also competing for her love this season.

The rumor was not true and Jamie’s claims that this rumor was heating up also were a lie and it was enough for Michelle to declare that he had lost her trust as she escorted him out the door and on his way.

But Jamie’s response after the fact is changing The Bachelorette viewers’ minds about the would-be villain, who has been incredibly classy considering the way he went out.

Jamie Skaar addresses The Bachelorette viewers after he was sent home

As with pretty much any reality star these days, Jamie received quite a bit of hate both on social media and in his DMs as his part of Michelle Young’s season played out.

As the episode aired, he even took to his Instagram stories with a screenshot of some of the hate he had already received with a message on it that said, “And it begins” followed by three laughing-crying emojis.

It looks like Jamie’s The Bachelorette drama and the way viewers reacted to it started to spill over to his friends and family, who clearly were not taking it as well as he was. And that’s understandable because they obviously felt protective of him.

But Jamie wanted his friends and family to know that he is alright.

Pic credit: @jamieskaar24/Instagram

Things were so bad that Jamie even received multiple disgusting messages about the death of his mom. He shared a couple of them, including this one and it’s safe to say that there are some really toxic people watching this show. Big yikes!

Pic credit: @Jamieskaar24/Instagram

But he still took the high road and again, urged his family and friends to just let it roll off. In part, he wrote, “Once more, I’m good. Internet hate can’t touch me. Don’t defend me. Don’t engage.”

Everyone who watches The Bachelorette knows that some scenes are set up for maximum drama and yet many still drop into the DMs of real people who just had a bit part on the show. Jamie knows this and is doing the best he can to ignore it all. And that is about as classy as you can get after a villain edit and an embarrassing elimination on the show.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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