The Bachelorette spoilers: Michelle Young is falling in love… with everybody

Michelle Young on The Bachelorette with inset of Michelle and Joe Coleman's silhouettes
Michelle Young’s new dilemma is that she’s “falling in love” with all three guys. Pic credit: ABC

We’re down to the final three on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, and this is where things get hard.

Tonight, Michelle and her final three men, Nayte, Joe, and Brandon, will head to Mexico for some seriously romantic time together.

Last week, Michelle sent fan-favorite Rodney home after the season made history, with the first-ever final four being Black men.

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Rodney won over many hearts with his sincerity and ability to show emotion. Many fans were upset that he got The Bachelor edit while Clayton Echard was finally officially named the franchise’s new star.

Michelle Young is ‘falling in love’ with all three men

In the latest The Bachelorette sneak peek, straight away, we hear Michelle say, “I’ve now fallen in love with all three men.”

That’s a tough spot to be in, but it’s not uncommon in The Bachelor franchise for the lead to get down to their final few people and have a hard time sending anyone home. It often ends with many tears, heartbreak, and sometimes, even a bit of resentment.

We can’t help but recall when Michelle was in the position that her three guys are currently in. She even went so far as to gift Matt James with Mr. and Mrs. James jerseys, only to find out that she wasn’t his final pick.

Brandon and Nayte have a confrontation

According to the latest The Bachelorette sneak peek, Nayte and Brandon will butt heads when Brandon declares Michelle is his future wife.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to move past that, though, as many of the men from past and present seasons have formed friendships that outlasted the engagements that came from their seasons.

But it looks like Brandon stirs the pot, at least a little bit when he’s seen in The Bachelorette sneak peek telling Michelle that he needs to speak with her. It’s only after that that we see Michelle distraught, saying, “I have to send him home.”

We already know who she sends home in third place, and it’s — spoiler alert — not Brandon or Nayte. So now, the big mystery is what did Brandon tell her? And did his news have anything to do with her decision on who to take to the final two?

Check out this The Bachelorette sneak peek ahead of tonight’s episode and click here if you want to know how the season ends, at least according to the spoilers that we have. That said, the previous sneak peeks have definitely tried to cast doubt about the end.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

It looks like to me that Brandon is just in for the win. i don’t think he is real