The Bachelorette: Here’s who is in Michelle Young’s top 4

Which The Bachelorette contestants made the final four?
Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette is winding down and she has picked which four men will get a hometown date. Pic credit: ABC

This episode of The Bachelorette has been the most important of the season because Michelle Young narrowed her selection down from eight to the final four.

The men who are chosen to be in the final four receive hometown dates. This means Michelle will get to visit where each man grew up and their families.

Who got date roses on The Bachelorette last night?

There were three dates last night: two one-on-one dates and one group date.

This week’s episode was also special because Michelle’s students planned all the dates and even picked one of the men for a one-on-one date.

The students selected Clayton Echard after he offered to make a fort with them and answered all their questions.

He and Michelle had pizza and candy in the limo as they drove to the museum. After spending the night exploring the museum, they sat down for dinner.

Even though Clayton opened up about wanting to settle down and have kids, Michelle didn’t feel their connection was strong enough. So he did not get a rose and was sent home immediately.

Next up was the group date. The men were challenged to do some grunt work on a farm. Joe Coleman proved he was skilled at milking cows and churning butter but Nayte Olukoya ended up getting the group date rose after he told Michelle he was falling for her.

This means Nayte was safe for the week and part of the final four.

Also, during the group date, Olu told Michelle that Martin had called her immature for not dealing with the trauma she referenced in her poem weeks before.

When Michelle confronted him, he got defensive and talked over her, prompting her to send him home.

Michelle also had a one-on-one date with Brandon Jones where she took him to her childhood home. Even though he was caught making out with Michelle in the hot tub wearing her dad’s swim trunks, he ended up winning her parents over and even asked for their blessing to propose to Michelle.

Michelle gave him the date rose meaning that Brandon is the second contestant in the final four.

Which men were saved during the rose ceremony on The Bachelorette?

This meant that there were four men eligible for a rose during the rose ceremony. However, Michelle only had two roses to give, meaning two of the men would be going home.

The men who anxiously awaited receiving roses were Olu, Joe, Rick and Rodney.

Joe Coleman was the first name that Michelle called. Next was Rodney Mathews. This meant that Olu and Rick were forced to say their goodbyes.

Therefore, Michelle’s final four are Nayte, Brandon, Joe and Rodney.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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