The Bachelor spoilers: These women are Clayton Echard’s final three but will he end up engaged to any of them?

Clayton's final three women
Clayton Echard, the current Bachelor, has chosen his final three women. Pic credit: ABC

The current Bachelor, Clayton Echard, has narrowed down his final four women to his final three after Monday night’s episode and hometown visits.

Up until now, this season with Clayton as The Bachelor has been filled with drama, villainous behavior, lip-licking, powerful women, and questionable decisions and statements… and it sounds like the shocking events won’t stop any time soon.

Clayton’s final three women are Rachel Recchia, Susie Evans, and Gabby Windey

Rachel Recchia has seemed like a front-runner for weeks now according to Bachelor Nation fans. At 25-years-old, she is the youngest of the three contestants left vying for Clayton’s heart and final rose. Rachel is a flight instructor, and Clayton just visited her and her family in her hometown of Clermont, Florida.

During the hometown visit, Rachel warned Clayton multiple times that her dad has always hated every guy she has brought home and never thought anyone was good enough for her. She said that she hoped her dad, Tony, wouldn’t be mean to Clayton, but instead would just be civil.

While Tony started off the evening intense and stoic, he did loosen up some by the end of the night and found he could give Clayton his blessing after all, once he spoke to Rachel.

Susie Evans, another of the final three women, didn’t get much screen time early on in the season but has obviously seen more as the weeks have progressed. In fact, viewers were starting to speculate that she was being given Bachelorette edits.

Susie is a 28-year-old wedding videographer from Virginia Beach, Virginia. On their hometown date, Susie also introduced Clayton to a passion of hers: Jiujitsu. The two practiced some moves, including one that was called shrimping, and then Clayton met her family.

Susie and her dad are extremely close, and Clayton knew how much Susie needed acceptance from her dad on her relationship with him. As a Daddy’s Girl, Susie has been by her dad’s side through a lot of his medical issues the past year, and the emotion between them when they saw each other was evident.

The third and final contestant left of the three women is Gabby Windey. Gabby is the oldest of the three women at age 30 and is an ICU nurse in her hometown of Denver, Colorado.

The highlight of Gabby’s hometown visit for Bachelor Nation fans was Gabby’s grandpa and the fact that her dad came to surprise her with signs showing his love and support. Fans couldn’t get enough of Gabby’s grandpa’s personality and took to social media to show their love for him.

What will happen in the last weeks of Clayton’s season?

Fans have been speculating how the season will end, especially throughout the last couple of weeks as more and more previews and clips have been released. To add further speculation, both Mike Fleiss, The Bachelor creator, and Jesse Palmer, the host of The Bachelor, made comments earlier about all of the shocks yet to come in the last few weeks of the show.

Reality Steve has recently come out with three things that he now knows for sure about The Bachelor finale, how it all ends, and whether Clayton leaves engaged.

He declared that “1. It ‘does NOT have a traditional ending,’ 2. Clayton is ‘NOT with Rachel,’ and 3. There is ‘no finality to the season in Iceland.’”

Reality Steve also stated his opinion on the engagement question when he stated: “I don’t believe he ever got engaged at the end of this season.”

Does that mean he gets engaged later, like at the After The Final Rose segment of the show? Fans can’t wait to see how this season ends and have been on the edge of their seats trying to guess what will happen in the upcoming weeks.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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