The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer just teased there is a huge shock to come in Clayton Echard’s season

Clayton Echard and Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer reveals there is a huge shocker coming. Pic credit: ABC

Jesse Palmer, the current host of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, revealed that the most shocking moment from Clayton’s season wasn’t even on the trailer for the season.

Jesse told viewers that everything they have seen in the trailer, and on the previews, is just the tip of the iceberg of what is still to come this season.

What does The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer reveal about the rest of Clayton Echard’s season?

Jesse teased viewers by saying that this huge shocker is “something we don’t even know about yet.”

The Bachelor host went on to declare that “We have very smart people on the show with respect to what they’re putting out and how they’re editing everything and putting it together, but there are multiple moments that I think are gonna be very, very eye-opening for our viewers at home.”

Jesse is hinting at the fact that it’s not going to just be one single huge shocking moment, but instead multiple surprises in store for Bachelor Nation.

Jesse went on to state, “I know we always say, ‘It’s the most dramatic season,’ [but] Clayton’s season [is] the most dramatic season ever and that’s because there’s so many things that have never happened before.”

He added, “As the host, there were moments where I was kind of sitting there going, ‘Whoa, like, ‘This didn’t happen on my season.’ I dunno where we’re going right now.’”

What shockers have Bachelor Nation fans already seen via previews?

From the previews, viewers already know that Clayton reveals to two of the women at a rose ceremony that he was intimate with both of them, and looking in, it seems those two women are Rachel and Gabby. However, if production is editing it to look like that, then it’s possible that it could be Rachel and Susie, or even Gabby and Susie.

Another shocker that has already happened was Genevieve Parisi being sent home before the rose ceremony during the group date in last week’s episode, as well as Teddi’s surprise exit during the rose ceremony.

According to Reality Steve spoilers, he knows who the woman is who will go home after hometown dates, leaving Clayton with three women, whom he says, he is in love with.

Again, according to previews, it appears that Clayton has told three women he loves them…a huge no-no, according to past Bachelor, Ben Higgins, who made the same mistake with JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell.

Fans have even heard that Clayton’s dad is disappointed in his actions on the show and says that he will have to live with the decisions that he made and suffer the consequences.

What is in store for Bachelor Nation in the remaining weeks of the show? What will the assorted shock factors be? According to Jesse, as well as Bachelor creator, Mike Fleiss, it is going to be a season-ending for the memory books.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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