The Bachelor fans praise Madison for standing up for herself in front of Peter’s family

Madison has been praised by fans for standing up for herself on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Madison Prewett has been challenging Peter Weber and his family this season, with her strong set of values and beliefs.

She told Peter on the show that she’s saving herself for marriage and religion plays a big role in everything she does and how she handles herself.

And while Peter can respect her decisions and her way of living, it appears that his family doesn’t feel the same way.

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They saw Madison for the second time during last night’s first installment of the two-part finale, and Peter’s mom didn’t think that Madison was a great fit for her son.

She worried that Madison’s way of living would change Peter and who he is.

Madison’s standards praised

On Twitter, fans were quick to give praise to Madison for sticking up for what she believes in. However, many also took to the social media site to criticize Peter’s family for acting like something was wrong with her because she had set standards for herself.

As one person wrote, Peter’s family appeared to be acting like Madison was “broken”, simply because she’s saving herself for marriage.


Madison is a Christian, something she’s been open about on The Bachelor. She also revealed that her father, Chad Prewett, played a big role in how she’s living her life and the decisions she’s made for herself.

She told Peter about her decision to save herself for marriage right before the Fantasy Suite dates.

Madison and Peter’s mom were everything on Twitter

After Madison saw Peter’s family again, many fans mocked Peter’s mom for the way she handled their meeting. Madison stood up for herself and stayed strong as Peter’s family discussed her way of life.

Peter’s mom didn’t appear happy when their conversation seemingly backfired after Madison stood up for herself.

Many posts focused on the moment Madison told Barbara that while The Bachelor centered around Peter’s journey — it was her journey too, and just as much about her finding the right person for her as it was for Peter. That seemingly didn’t sit well with Barbara.

On Twitter, however, Madison got praise for standing up for herself and telling Barbara that her feelings mattered too.

While Madison eliminated herself last night after meeting Peter’s family, she did tell Chris Harrison in the preview for tonight that she regrets her decision and wants to come back to fight for Weber.

The Bachelor concludes tonight, Tuesday, March 10, at 8/7c on ABC.

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