What religion is Madison from The Bachelor?

Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett appeared on The Bachelor 2020. Pic credit: ABC

Madison Prewett is a finalist on The Bachelor.

Throughout her time on the show, she’s let her faith guide her through. She is also making her decisions based on her own values.

She told Peter Weber that she didn’t see herself continuing with the show if he slept with the other women because she was saving herself for marriage.

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He chose to sleep with them anyway, putting Madison in a tough position.

During tonight’s two-part finale, Madison decided to remove herself from the show, because she feels they are completely different.

Madison Prewett is Christian

While Peter hasn’t expressed his religious views openly on the show like Madison, she has told Peter about her life and values. On a date, she opened up about her faith and that she identifies herself as a Christian.

“Faith is more than just this passed-down thing to me, it’s literally my whole life and all of who I am. I want, in a marriage, someone who also has that relationship with the Lord and loves that about me and wants to raise a family in that way,” Madison said, according to Federalist.

She also explains that her father has played a big role in how she lives her life. Her father, Chad Prewett, was featured during the hometown dates.

“I look up to my dad so much, and I’ve said I wanted someone who will remind me of my dad, somebody who embodies the same qualities and characteristics. I’ve watched the way my dad has loved my mom and loved my family and the way that he has such a strong relationship with the Lord is the way he’s able to love our family so well,” Madison continued.

Madison Prewett decided to self-eliminate

Madison told Peter that she was saving herself for marriage after the hometown dates. They were heading into the overnight dates, so fans saw it as an ultimatum.

Peter Weber has since revealed that while he wished he had known about her stance before heading into the overnight dates, he also defended her for being honest with him and true to herself.

During tonight’s episode, Madison eliminated herself because she couldn’t see how they could ever get to be on the same page. In a shocking twist, Peter’s mom agreed because she felt Hannah Ann was the best choice for Peter.

But who does Peter pick in the end? Tomorrow will reveal the final outcome of this season of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor concludes tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 10, at 8/7c on ABC.

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Joyce Sauerman
Joyce Sauerman
3 years ago

What is a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN doing in this type of show. Wait on God since he has the right person for you Remember Christianity is not a RELIGION,IT’S JESUS CHRIST. TRUST HIM TO GIVE YOU HIS WISDOM