Teen Mom OG fans say Catelynn Baltierra is ‘pure trash’ for ‘tacky’ sexual comment to husband Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Catelynn Baltierra made a sexually-charged comment to her husband Tyler Baltierra as a thank you for his efforts, but Teen Mom OG viewers felt she was out of line. Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn Baltierra offered her husband, Tyler Baltierra, a sexual favor as a form of thanks on the latest episode of Teen Mom OG and viewers felt she was out of line.

During the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn was upset that she and Tyler couldn’t take one last vacation alone before their third daughter, Rya, arrived.

Catelylnn Baltierra thanks Tyler for romantic dinner with sexual offer on Teen Mom OG

Since the couple couldn’t get a babysitter for their daughters Nova and Vaeda, Tyler decided to bring the romance to Catelynn in their own backyard.

Tyler surprised Catelynn with an outdoor dinner date, complete with a homecooked meal, Catelynn’s favorite Stargazer Lillies, and lighting strung from the trees to add to the ambiance.

As Tyler and Catelynn sat down to eat dinner, Catelynn opened a card from Tyler and read it out loud. While thanking him for the sweet card and his romantic gesture, Catelynn told Tyler he deserved a “blowie.” (You can watch the clip here.)

“You’re so sweet. I love you,” Catelynn told Tyler as she finished reading his card.

Then she added, “You deserve a blowie. How did I get so lucky to have somebody so romantic?”

Teen Mom OG viewers took to Reddit after the episode to discuss the “gross” sexual comment.

Teen Mom 2 viewers slam Catelynn Baltierra’s ‘tacky’ sexual comment

One Teen Mom OG fan felt that Catelynn was “trashy” for what she said to Tyler about a blowie, especially because their eldest daughter, Carly, is at an age where she could be watching the show (with or without her adoptive parents’ permission).

They also felt as though Catelynn’s comment downplayed the romantic effort that Tyler put in for their dinner date.

“This was pure trash,” the disgruntled Teen Mom OG fan wrote. “Carly is what, 12 now? She absolutely could be watching this..even if prohibited by her adoptive parents. So tacky and unnecessary. Tyler did a beautiful thing for her and she dismissed it.”

“Legit sounds so juvenile- n just gross. Eww,” voiced another Teen Mom OG viewer.

redditors slammed catelynn baltierra for her sexual reference to tyler
Pic credit: u/-PapaDontPeach-/Reddit

Another Redditor commented, “Can’t. Stop. Shiver. Cringing.”

It seems as though Catelynn and Tyler aren’t shy about their sexual relationship. The couple of 15 years recently talked about how they keep their marriage “spicy.”

Tyler admitted that working out is one of the ways he tries to keep his and Catelynn’s love life exciting.

When Tyler shared a shirtless pic on Instagram to show off his gains, Catelynn was right there to gush over her husband’s physique and stake her claim, telling his fans, “Yep! That’s mine ??????”

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