Teen Mom OG: Did Gary throw shade at Amber in Kristina appreciation post?

Amber Portwood and Gary and Kristina Shirley of Teen Mom OG
Kristina is caught in the middle of a feud involving Amber and Gary. Pic credit: MTV

Gary Shirley of Teen Mom OG shared a sweet post praising his wife, Kristina, and it looks like he threw some shade at his ex, Amber in the process.

The 34-year-old father of two first shared a post that he and his wife went to the drive-in to catch a movie on Friday night giving Kristina a “much needed break.”

An hour later, Gary shared a pic of Kristina, fast asleep in the car, cozied up with some blankets.

He captioned the pic, “She will prolly kill me for this JK, but my Date is passed out Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! She’s been going hard with school and studying and keeping up with the kids… she gets up at 4:45AM Yikes!!! (My hat is off to all the parents who take care of their kids and responsibilities) the light is from my camera FYI. @kristina_shirley3 liven the Fam!”

Fans think Gary was throwing some major, indirect shade at his ex, Amber Portwood with his comment, “My hat is off to all the parents who take care of their kids and responsibilities.”

Most of Gary’s followers showed up in the comments and praised Kristina

One of Gary’s followers said of Kristina, “Way more than a bonus mom [heart emoji]”

Another wrote, “Christina is a queen, I don’t know why amber gets so much airtime on teen mom, we should be watching your family and amber should be basically an extra!”

One fan shared their thoughts about Amber: “The problem with Amber is she sees in Kristina everything that she is not and everything Kristina has that she wants. Kristina kicks ass. Amber could learn alot from her if she would just get over herself first. Love you guys ❤️”

Amber has been absent for most of Leah’s childhood, although she denies it, and claims she’s a good mother.

Amber stirred up controversy recently during the Teen Mom OG reunion

Fans will remember that Amber walked out of the Teen Mom OG reunion special during her segment with Gary.

A comment made by host Dr. Drew irked Amber. After Amber alleged that Gary touched her inappropriately and she claimed that he begged her not to tell his wife, Kristina, Dr. Drew suggested that Amber was unnecessarily stirring up a “s**t storm.”

Gary and Kristina Shirley of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Gary’s fans showed their support for Kristina. Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

Amber, who had trouble keeping her eyes open, stood up and had a few last words before walking off the set.

She took aim at Gary’s wife and Leah’s stepmom, Kristina, telling him, “Your wife is absolutely horrible.”

Amber became peeved after watching clips from an episode where Leah admitted that Kristina has filled the role of mom that Amber has failed to fill.

Amber also claimed that she has been trying to contact Gary and Kristina to see Leah, but that they have been making it difficult. 

Gary and Kristina have been a steady presence in Leah’s life.

Kristina entered Gary’s life when Leah was just four years old, and has been a reliable stepmother to her.

Gary and Kristina even offered for Amber to move onto their property to live so she could be closer to Leah.

Although Gary and Amber already had their turn on the reunion sofa, fans can tune in Tuesday, April 27 at 8/7c on MTV to catch up with more drama in the second half of the reunion special.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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