Is Amber Portwood moving onto ex Gary Shirley’s property?

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley look at modular homes to build on his property
Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood look at modular homes together after recently discussing Amber moving onto his property to be closer to their daughter, Leah. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood’s ex, Gary Shirley, invited her to his home to discuss putting a modular home on their property for Amber to live in, so she can be closer to her daughter, Leah, whom she shares with him.

Gary and his wife, Kristina, explained to Amber that they have five acres, which is more than enough space to build a home for Amber so she’d be close to Leah every day, but enough space to distance herself from her ex and his wife.

After her tumultuous split from Andrew Glennon, Amber moved into a smaller rental home an hour from Leah. Moving onto the Shirley’s property would allow her to see Leah whenever she wants.

Gary picked up Amber and they drove together to a modular home lot to look at homes. As Gary put it, “we’re just looking, to see what your future could hold.”

Amber was impressed when she toured a few of the modular homes. Gary explained to the salesman that he has about five acres and has thought about putting a modular home on his property for Amber temporarily.

Later in the episode, Amber video chatted with her brother, Shawn, after visiting the home lot. She told him that Gary wants her to move onto his land in a trailer.

Amber’s brother says moving onto Gary’s property is asinine

Shawn didn’t think it’s a good idea, reminding her that Gary has said he’ll always have feelings for Amber, fearing that Kristina may not like the idea.

Amber explained that Kristina is totally on-board with the idea, and seems shocked to hear her brother’s claim about Gary. When she asked her brother what she should say to Gary, his advice is to tell Gary no because it’s a completely “asinine” idea, to which Amber giggles.

Later in the day, Amber met up for lunch with Gary and Kristina. She explained to them that their gesture was very much appreciated and Gary reiterated that it would save her money in rent in addition to allowing her to see Leah daily.

Gary and Kristina Shirley with Amber Portwood from Teen Mom OG
Gary and wife Kristina meet again with Amber after looking at modular homes to discuss living on their property. Pic credit: MTV

But Gary voiced that after thinking about it more, it wouldn’t be a great idea, and he thinks eventually they would fight or “something would go down.”

Amber says the move is not happening

Amber seemed to agree with Gary, telling PopCulture, “The relationship we’re in right now, I don’t want to hurt it or strain it,” she said. “We have a good relationship, but we’re exes for a reason,” and that the move “is not happening.”

Amber and Gary have worked hard to get to a really good place co-parenting Leah and getting along, but things haven’t always been so tranquil. Amber said Leah was very excited about the idea and admits, it was hard to say no. She and her daughter continue to work on their relationship and says that they’ll get through it like they always have.

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