Teen Mom 2: Leah Messer may want more kids

Leah Messer explaining muscular dystrophy to her daughter Ali.
Leah Messer explaining muscular dystrophy to her daughter Ali. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer revealed that she may consider having more kids if the conditions were right.

In an interview with Us Weekly Magazine, Messer confided that she is open to the idea of expanding her family.

She also noted that she’s “excited” for the next love chapter of her life. However, it may not come easily considering the craziness in her busy life.

Messer says co-parenting is tough

Messer is the mother of three daughters: 12-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah with ex-boyfriend Corey Simms, and 7-year-old Adalynn with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

Longtime Teen Mom watchers remember that Leah and Corey have had a long, tumultuous relationship; it recently came to a head when Leah confronted Corey and his current wife for not supporting her when she was going through her drug addiction.

Her separation from Jeremy has also been very complicated. In previous seasons of Teen Mom, the two have been close to getting back together, but Messer has had to set boundaries with him.

Leah telling Jeremy that they need to stop hooking up in order to make things less complicated.
Leah telling Jeremy that they need to stop hooking up in order to make things less complicated. Pic credit: MTV

Is there a chance that Leah is looking for new love?

Perhaps adding a third co-parent to the mix would make the situation more difficult for Messer, but she is open to the idea of a new romantic interest in her life.

“Listen, if I were to ever get remarried, and let’s say they didn’t have kids and would want a child, it would have to come with terms and conditions this time because I put my work in!”

In 2014, Ali was diagnosed with Titin’s muscular dystrophy. According to Leah, Ali’s condition is degenerative, which means that her muscle health will deteriorate until she eventually needs to use a wheelchair.

If Leah were to hypothetically start dating again, she has certain standards that must be met. Teen Mom 2 fans have seen Leah take care of Ali as the years go on, and Messer described that she would need a partner who would put in the effort.

“I definitely want someone that’s compassionate and empathetic,” Leah explained. “A hard worker [that] has a good career path for themselves. It’s just a few things. And I also want to be able to take time apart from each other and it not be, like, a conflict. Like, you have your thing, I have my thing.”

Leah certainly has a lot of “things” on her plate! She is planning on releasing a book called Hope, Grace, and Faith, which is an autobiography about her time in the Teen Mom franchise.

Leah recently revealed that has federal debts amounting to almost $130,000. She confessed this was partly due to the fact that she gave away too much of her money to friends and family when she started getting paid by MTV.

And not only does she have her own three children to worry about, but Messer also has to navigate through the Teen Mom 2 hate she sometimes gets on social media. She often has to defend her children against online trolls.

Messer’s last words on the subject: “Whatever’s meant to be will happen.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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