Leah Messer defends daughter Adalynn after Teen Mom 2 fan comments on the gum incident

Adalynn on Teen Mom 2.
Leah Messer came to Addie’s defense on social media. Pic credit: MTV

Leah Messer isn’t here for the critiquing of her daughter, Adalynn Calvert.

The little girl was recently shown in a scene where a mic had gum attached to it. What should have been a funny “real life” moment turned into viewers bashing the little girl for her behavior on Teen Mom 2.

That didn’t sit well with Leah, who came to her daughter’s defense on social media.

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What was said about Adalynn on Teen Mom 2?

When the Teen Mom 2 social media accounts shared the clip of Adalynn with the gum on the mic pack, it was clearly intended to be a lighthearted moment, but not everyone got the memo.

One Twitter user criticized Addie’s behavior on Teen Mom 2, going so far as saying it was “pitiful.”

Mama bear Leah Messer wasn’t about to let that fly at all. The reality TV star responded and said, “Just to be clear: Addie did not intentionally put the gum on the mic. She had it on a wrapper and sat the mic down on it. For crying out loud, she was 6.”

Leah Messer defends Addie.
Pic credit: @LeahMesser/Twitter

It was clear the producer and Addie were having a moment, which is why it was shown. This was also done as production was finally able to begin filming with the families again.


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With all of the COVID-19 protocols, Leah and her children have to be tested three times a week. That was a big deal for Chelsea Houska on the most recent episode and she told producers she wasn’t going to film. It looks like Leah decided to continue on, even with the new protocols in place.

Leah Messer gets raw this season on Teen Mom 2

This season of Teen Mom 2 is an emotional one for Leah Messer. She has been in the spotlight for over a decade, and now, she’s revealing some things she kept hidden.

From her drug dependency to the abortion that played out as a miscarriage, Leah is being open and honest about her life. Raising her children and all of the hurdles that come with it has been the driving force for the young mom.

Because Leah’s children are on the show, viewers often comment about them. This isn’t the first time someone has called out Adalynn’s behavior, and it likely won’t be the last. The twins, Ali and Aleeah, aren’t without notice either. They often get mean-spirited comments as well.

For the most part, Leah Messer tries to avoid engaging in social media feuds with trolls. This time, though, she had to make sure everyone knew Addie wasn’t being naughty and the gum on the mic was not intentional.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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