Teen Mom 2 spoilers: Is this the reason Chelsea Houska quit the MTV show?

Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2.
Chelsea Houska’s time with Teen Mom 2 is almost up. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska has already confirmed she is leaving Teen Mom 2 and the current season will be her final scenes with the franchise.

While details weren’t given about her decision to walk away from the show specifically, it came off as a “time to move on” vibe.

That may not be the case after watching the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2 and seeing the previews for the upcoming episode.

Did Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom 2 because of COVID-19 protocols?

The Teen Mom 2 girls were filming during COVID-19 and some of the footage was self-shot. As the producers were able to return to film with their girls, protocols were put into place for what needed to happen in order to resume filming.

When it came time to talk to Chelsea Houska about resuming filming with the team, she told the producer she wasn’t comfortable having her children, Aubree, Watson, and Layne tested three times a week in order to continue being around the crew.

In fact, it appears that the Teen Mom 2 star said they just wouldn’t film. The timing is right before the reunion was due to film and that is when she made the announcement she wouldn’t be returning for another season.

It appears that Chelsea Houska will be moving on from the show and the COVID-19 restrictions may have helped her to make the decision to walk away.

What is Chelsea Houska doing after Teen Mom 2?

Building her brand has been the focus over the last few seasons. Chelsea Houska is working on merchandise and a home line.

Little by little, things have debuted online with a few sneak peeks revealed. Teen Mom 2 fans haven’t loved some of the stuff, with plenty of feedback for Chelsea on what to tweak and change in the future.

She is expecting her fourth child as well. She and her husband, Cole DeBoer, will be welcoming a little girl in 2021. That may have also played a role in helping to make the decision to walk away from Teen Mom 2.

The reality is — Chelsea Houska had a great run. She had the drama the show was looking for in the beginning, and now, she is living a normal and family-oriented life.

As the Teen Mom 2 reunion approaches, Chelsea Houska’s time on the show dwindles down and her goodbye is near.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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