Teen Mom 2 fans weigh in on Kail Lowry’s rumored new man, think she shared pics to spite Chris Lopez

Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2
A pic of Kail Lowry’s rumored new boyfriend has Teen Mom 2 fans thinking she’s trying to spite Chris Lopez. Pic credit: MTV and @luxrlowry/Instagram

Kail Lowry is rumored to have a new man in her life and Teen Mom 2 viewers think she shared a pic of him to spite her baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Kail’s ex, Chris Lopez, recently welcomed his third child, another son.

It’s unclear who the mother is or when the baby was born, but Chris shared some details during the most recent episode of his podcast, P.T.S.D. – Pressure Talks with Dads.

Does Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry have a new man in her life?

Shortly after the news of Chris’ third child went public, Kail was on Instagram sharing pics of herself with a new man.

Teen Mom Shade Room on Instagram captured a screenshot of Kail’s Instagram Stories pic that she shared on Friday, Dec. 3.

In the pic, Kail posed next to the man, who she tagged, revealing that his name is Keith. He goes by Keith Splash on Instagram.

Teen Mom 2 fans flocked to the comments to give their opinions on “Bootleg Chris” (as some referred to him) and called out Kail for sharing the pic to create attention around herself.

Teen Mom 2 fans think Kail Lowry shared pic with mystery man for attention, to get ‘back’ at Chris Lopez

“She’s clearly doing all of this to get people to continue to give her the attention that she feels she so desperately needs,” wrote one Teen Mom 2 viewer who questioned Kail’s motives for sharing the pic.

The critic continued, “And sadly we’re giving her exactly what she wants because why would she post this picture 24 hours after getting into it with her BD?”

Kail and her baby daddy Chris Lopez got into a heated feud recently after Chris shared a portion of one of Kail’s emails on his Instagram Stories. When Kail saw Chris’ posts, she took to Instagram Live to unleash her wrath and shared the rest of her email with her fans.

teen mom 2 fans think kail lowry was attention-seeking by sharing her pic
Teen Mom 2 fans think Kail shared the pic for attention. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

Another fan assumed that Kail was already moving on with a new man and thought she needed to slow her roll.

“Kail you have 4 beautiful boys already just chill,” they commented.

teen mom 2 fans discuss kail lowry sharing a pic with a mystery man the same day she feuded with chris lopez
Teen Mom 2 fans weigh in on Kail sharing a pic with a mystery man. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

Other Teen Mom 2 fans echoed the sentiment. One of Kail’s critics joked that was planning on getting pregnant with a fifth baby to make Chris jealous, who just welcomed his third child with a different baby mama.

They wrote, “She’s gotta hurry up and get pregnant again so she can get back at Chris for having another baby.”

Another one of Kail’s critics thought she only posted the pic to get in a dig at Chris and isn’t genuinely into Keith.

“The man looks very attractive,” the fan wrote. “But her face is giving very much I’m not genuinely happy I’m posting this to dig at Chris.”

A quick look at Keith’s Instagram profile shows that he’s the owner of Bare Arms Security and has provided security for Kail on several occasions, including her Pot Head Haircare launch party.

Kail and her other baby daddy Javi Marroquin, along with their son Lincoln Marroquin, all follow Keith’s Instagram page so it’s possible that Keith is nothing more than a close friend of Kail’s who has worked for her.

With Kail and Chris’s seemingly never-ending feuds and jabs aimed at each other on social media, it’s hard to tell what their motives are lately.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In premiere in back-to-back episodes beginning Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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