Teen Mom 2 fans react to Javi Marroquin filing a restraining order against ex Lauren Comeau

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau formerly of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans reacted to Javi Marroquin filing a PFA against his ex-fiancée, Lauren Comeau. Pic credit: MTV and @lauren3elizabeth/Instagram

Javi Marroquin, former Teen Mom 2 star, filed for a protective order against his ex-fiancée, Lauren Comeau, and now fans of the show are reacting to the news.

On Monday, Javi filed for a restraining order against Lauren after he alleged that she “close fist punched” him several times in the head and “snatched” off his gold chain in front of their two-year-old son, Eli.

A Delaware court granted Javi’s request, and he was awarded temporary custody of Eli. However, just one day later, Javi filed to dismiss the petition voluntarily.

“I no longer feel threatened by my son’s mother. I believe we can handle any altercation that arises,” Javi stated in his dismissal.

Teen Mom 2 fans reacted to the news

News of the incident broke yesterday, and fans of Teen Mom 2 were quick to react to the shocking headline.

Fan account Teen Mom Tea on Instagram shared the news on their page, and fans of the show commented.

Teen Mom 2 fans on Instagram
Teen Mom 2 fans reacted to Javi filing for a PFA against Lauren. Pic credit: @teenmom.tea/Instagram

“They are so messy,” wrote one fan of the show of Javi and Lauren’s incident.

Another fan of Teen Mom 2 brought up the fact that Javi cheated on Lauren in their home and commented, “But you can cheat in front of your kid!!! This man is a joke[.]”

Some commenters felt that Javi deserved to be assaulted by Lauren. “I think he deserves more than a slap guys a clown,” wrote another fan.

“Wooooow he got some f***ing nerve trying to press charges on her ?? MY SIS LAUREN IS FED UP ??” said another fan of the news.

Teen Mom 2 fans on Instagram
Teen Mom 2 fans reacted to the news that Javi filed a PFA against Lauren. Pic credit: @teenmom.tea/Instagram

One fan mocked Javi’s incident with Kail when he tried to hook up with her in a Wawa parking lot while Lauren was home with their son, Eli.

“Hahaha not in the special [Wawa] parking lot way ????” said the fan.

Another follower of the page felt that Javi deserved to be assaulted by Lauren, “I’m starting to think he deserves it ?”

One fan felt as though Javi’s personality type pushed Lauren over the edge, and he then made her out to look like the only one at fault.

“He’s that person that pushes and pushes and pushes the person then when the person lashes out is like ‘woah you’re so crazy I’m telling someone,'” the fan wrote.

Teen Mom 2 fans on Instgram
Some fans felt it was unfair that Kail got dragged for her domestic abuse scandal, but not Lauren. Pic credit: @teenmom.tea/Instagram

Some fans felt it was unfair that Kail Lowry, Javi’s other baby mama, got dragged for her domestic violence incident against her baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

Kail was arrested last year after she allegedly punched Chris multiple times after he cut their son Lux’s hair without consulting with her first.

The fans felt as though Lauren should be treated the same way Kail was.

One fan commented, “Give her the SAME energy ya gave [Kail] over the whole [Chris] incident ?”

“So Javi deserved it but Kail was dragged bc of what happened with Chris like he didn’t deserve it even though we are all well aware of his actions.. [I’m] just saying both Kail AND Lauren should keep their hands off but people just really enjoy bashing Kail for her mistakes,” said another fan.

Javi and Lauren split earlier this year

Lauren publicly confirmed her split with Javi earlier this year in an Instagram live video after Kail’s accusations about Javi wanting to hook up with her in the Wawa parking lot.

Javi later tried to make amends when he shared a post on Instagram, telling his followers that he “messed it up” with Lauren. Both of Javi’s baby mamas, Kail and Lauren, threw shade at him. However, his attempt at an apology seemed all for naught.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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